Beware of The New MMM in Town, RACKSTERLY

There is a new form of MMM making rounds now called RACKSTERLY, and it appears a lot of people are already diving into it. This is a word of caution, avoid it if you can.

RACKSTERLY is a platform where you get paid for helping brands post ads on Facebook and you get paid for it. To simplify it, it’s just like renting a space on your Facebook timeline and you get paid for that.


To be eligible, you need to subscribe to a plan. There are 4 plans;

1.Dew:  1 month subscription with $18(transactions are done with dollars) you earn $1.2 per share/per day till your subscription ends.

2. Drizzle: 1 month subscription with $25 and you earn $1.2 per day/per post.

3. Storm Plan: $45 subscription and you earn $3.5 per day/per post.

4 Typhoon: $75 and you earn $5.6 per day/per post.

Payment is fixed because you can only share once per day except you earn from referral. Another eligibility condition is that you must have 200 followers and above to be able to sign up. A question pops; is this influencer marketing? No, it can’t be because in influencer marketing you don’t pay subscription fee as your followers are your bridge to become an Influencer.

When you see business like this, the first thing is to Google it and see what people have to say about it and then use logic and past experience to know if its legit or not.

Just like MMM was thriving few years ago because it was almost a perfect system to an extent until people started getting help without providing help and it crashed.

It will sure benefit the early starters, but once the system becomes saturated, they won’t have money to pay people because the number of advertisers won’t grow more than it is already with a huge difference. Now they are making profit because companies paying to advertise are more than persons signing up. Soon those signing up will be more they won’t be able to cope paying them and that’s where crashing tendency will begin to arise.

We don’t even know if all the said companies are actually paying to advertise and not that they are recycling people’s money and using part to do their personal business. Be wise if you are already into it.

Finally, they have a policy of not allowing cash out until the 30th day which in my own opinion is a little bit odd. Why not allow cash out at least once the money in your wallet is up to investment, that way investors are assured of capital and no doubt they will finish the other part of the job because it is still part of their money.

Be wise if you are already into it, nothing last forever. The offer looks juicy, but there is something else at the end of the table.


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21 thoughts on “Beware of The New MMM in Town, RACKSTERLY”

  1. Thanks for the heads up Prof. I have one I have been tracking and after my own investigations it smells like a scam, the number provided has a romania area code but the business claims to be established in UK, to crown it all the customers are all from eastern Nigeria. I still need your input on this.

  2. Am just hearing about this for the first time. People with greed will still key into this not minding the warning until the worst happens

  3. I first saw this on Embracecash but I know something is fishy. Well, greediness don go allow me join am…thanks God say na 6k plan I enter.

  4. Did u really make ur findings b4 u posted this? Do u know dat pple make payments tru paystack which is one of the best platform to for paying money online? Paystack will not tarnish their image by entering into partnership with Racksterly if they are not legit. Some few days ago, they were upgrading their system so many pple were scare just like some are saying here and some pple emailed paystack and some payments were stopped for all issues to be resolved. As I’m writing this now. The issue have been resolved and payments were made.. We all know it won’t last long but Racksterly is not here to joke with pple money..

  5. But I have cashed out over 400,000 from this same platform within the space of two to three months. I even cashed out today….. From three different accounts, if you want proof, I have my alert.

  6. The truth people will always go around making statements and saying what they don’t know. Racksterly is not ponzi. So help yourself by posting things of relevance than going around spoiling people’s image or killing their joy

  7. Don’t worry y’all, MMM starts paying this way too but eventually couldn’t pay anymore and lots of people lost their hard earned money to it., you’ll soon know what mr Yomi is trying to warn you about.


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