DStv to cut Down on All M-Net Movie Channels – See Details Below

DStv will be re-organising its M-Net Movie channels from the six current channels into four “slick, fuss-free” channels from 1 September, the company has announced.

These channels will be known as M-Net Movies 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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DStv said that while there will be fewer M-Net Movie channels after this change, it will not impact the number of movies customers have access to.

“It’s important for us to facilitate the best possible viewing experience for our DStv customers in our ever-evolving world of entertainment,” said MultiChoice

“While the proposition of the current six movie channels – M-Net Movies Premiere, Action Plus, Action, Smile, Zone and All Stars – made perfect sense when they launched years ago, recent comments and requests from our movie-loving DStv audiences indicated that it was time for a reboot.”

All four of these channels will be available to Premium subscribers, while compact customers will have access to M-Net Movies 3 and 4. Family and Access customers will only have access to M-Net Movies 4.

Two other movie-related DStv channel changes have been announced by MultiChoice.

Holiday pop-up channel FliekNET will become a permanent channel on DStv from 1 September, while DStv will also launch a new channel – called KIX – which will broadcast popular martial arts movies involving the likes of Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

“In our quest to remain Africa’s most-loved storyteller, innovation and quality will always be key. Local movies will also play an increasingly important role, alongside screening handpicked Hollywood films first on all our platforms,” .

DStv’s new movie channel arrangements are detailed above


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  1. Nigerians hate DSTV with passion! I feel ashamed that a big country like Nigeria can’t break the monopoly of DSTV. I started paying for compact when it was 3800 naira. Today it is 7K without any value added to it. Even the live streaming app (Watched) introduced by Pro Yomi is one hundred times better than DSTV premium. I just wish technology will convert all those channels on Watched streaming app to Free-to-air. And let’s see how DSTV will survive. Anyway, DSTV will always look for a way with huge money to block such innovation just the way they did to Tstv


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