How to Book and Buy Tickets Online on Abuja – Kaduna Railway Line

The Federal Government of Nigeria has launched e-ticketing solution on Abuja – Kaduna railway line due too much dishonesty and fraudulent business dealings among those in charge.

What this means is that you can now buy your ticket online, same day or one day before your departure instead of queuing endlessly to buy your ticket.

Abuja - Kaduna Railway line

According to FG, with the launch, passengers could now procure their tickets online without undergoing the hassle of queuing up for endless hours as was the case in the past.

The e-ticketing solution is a Public-Private Partnership, PPP, valued at N900 million which the concessionaire (SecureID) will provide,  run for 10 years to recoup its investment before reverting ownership to the Nigerian Railway Corporation, NRC.

How to Book Online For Abuja – Kaduna Railway Line Online

First of all, visit the site app to book online here

>>Sign up or register on the site as seen below. Fill in your details which include your valid phone number, date of birth, and your ID card.

>>Login once you have successfully signed up.

Railway line e-ticketing

>>Choose your departure location/destination and date

>>Find the available train, review your ticket while still logged in and pay online for your chosen seat.

Note: Commuters are expected to take advantage of the online ticketing solution; tickets will still be sold over the counter to cater to those without access to internet services.

All solutions offer an increased customer experience such as convenient ticket purchase 24 hours a day, seat selection, secure online payments, no physical interaction amongst others.

You can also check the train departure timetable here

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