This Update Will be Coming to Your WhatsApp Shortly, Voice Note Everywhere

WhatsApp voice notes are one of the most popular ways to communicate on WhatsApp, easier to send your messages across than typing them. However, when you are listening to a voice note, and you switched to another chat, the voice note will automatically end.

An update is coming that will allow you to listen to voice notes everywhere called ‘Global Voice Note Player’.

Whatsapp face unlock

How Does it Work?

When you start listening to a voice note, and you go back to your chats list, WhatsApp shows up a new UI interface that includes the ability to pause, resume, dismiss the voice note, and a progress bar.

This feature will be very useful when you receive a voice message having a long duration. In this case, you can continue sending messages to other contacts when you are listening to the voice message.

The update is still in development and will be rolled out soon once development is completed.

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