WhatsApp Planning to Launch Quick Edit Media Shortcut for Android and iOS

WhatsApp is working on a new quick edit media shortcut which will be enabled in the next few update according to the latest reports.

This feature helps users to save time and storage by allowing them to quickly and easily edit media they have sent and received in their chats and groups.

whatsapp edit media

Upon opening media in a chat, WhatsApp users will be able to select a new “Edit” shortcut that will automatically redirect to the image editing screen.

It should be noted that editing and saving an image this way will not override the previous media, but will create a new file which can be sent to other chats.

The quick edit media shortcut will be available for Android and iOS and is currently under development. There is currently no confirmed launch date for the feature.

A lot of features are really under development that WhatsApp is working on, we really hope it will see the light of the day. Dark mode has been in works and up till this moment, no info about when it will be rolling out.

WhatsApp seems to be slow in implementation compare to other instant messaging apps.

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