Just IN: Twitter Will Soon Roll Out Edit Button to Subscribers

Popular social media giant, Twitter has announced it will roll out an editing feature to subscribers of its premium Twitter Blue service later this month.

After years of debate both internally and externally as to whether such a feature was a good idea for a product known for making posts go viral. Twitter has debated the pros and cons of an edit button for years, with some worried that it will be abused by people hoping to go viral, only to change the content of a message after it’s been retweeted.

The edit feature will soon be available to users who pay $4.99 per month for a subscription to Twitter Blue. Edit Tweet, as the feature will be called, will let users make changes to their tweet for up to 30 minutes after it’s originally published.

Tweets that are edited will carry a label, and others on Twitter will be able to click on the label to see prior versions of the post.

The company is specifically testing the edit button with a small group of users in hopes of quickly resolving possible issues, the company wrote in a blog post. The edit button will then roll out to Twitter Blue users in the coming weeks.

“This includes how people might misuse the feature,” the company said in a blog post. “You can never be too careful.”

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