Just IN: WhatsApp Launches Instant Video Messaging

A new feature that allows users to share brief video snippets as rapidly as they send voice notes has begun to roll out on WhatsApp.

Video messages are a real-time way to respond to chats with whatever you want to say and show in 60 seconds. We think these will be a fun way to share moments with all the emotion that comes from video, whether it’s wishing someone a happy birthday, laughing at a joke, or bringing good news.

Whatsapp instant video messaging

How to Record a Video

By holding a button located directly in their one-to-one or group chat window, users of the instant video messages feature are able to record and share round movies up to 60 seconds long.

To share video that was not taken inside the app, users previously had to first choose the camera button, switch to video mode, record, and then tap submit.

Additionally, instant videos can be seen without opening or expanding them within the chat window.

Late last week, WhatsApp began making the functionality available to users of the official app, and it will be made available to everyone in the coming days.

Update your WhatsApp to see if the feature is already available for you. Those using Samsung Galaxy S22 can check, the feature is already active on their device.

Via: WhatsApp

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