Download Unlimited With This Mtn New Data Subscription

Evening guys, without much stories,  am sure you are aware that Mtn just introduce
another 25mb data subscription;  before I
proceed, all thanks goes  to the creative
interior decor Royal Event who  provided this info; he
deals in event decoration and training. Am sure you will want to meet him to
spice up your event. You can always add him up on bbm:3123ddad or call
08136473564 for more information.

Back to business, Mtn just introduce new data subscription
and not everybody is aware of this. The funniest aspect is that this data subscription as not yet been capped; meaning you can download up to 20gb if you want to because
the key that normally lock the gigs as not been found.
Can This Trick work on My Device?

It works on all eligible internet browsing phone but cannot
ping. So if you are making use of Java phone, you can always partake of this
unlimited gig.
Do I Need A VPN To Browse With It?
No. You don’t need any VPN to browse with this one because it’s not a Blackberry plan; but a normal plan.
How Can I Get This Unlimited Tricks
Make sure you have #150 balance or above on your
Just text 112 to 131 or dial *112#
Once your money is deducted, and the  MB is been given to you, continue to surf and
download until you are tied
To use it on PC, use the default Mtn apn.
Continue to surf once the plan is active. It is unlimited
for now before Mtn  will cap it. Every
one should at-least benefit from this. Tested & Confirmed!
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79 thoughts on “Download Unlimited With This Mtn New Data Subscription

  1. I was the one who gave you this cheat that i have been using for a month now and u credited it to some1 else by advertising his business, anyways its human nature. But its not as stable as b4 cos u wunt even b able to download up to 20gb anymore cos d best i got 2day was 10gb though its a torrent file and it will disconnect u by no longer receiving data and wen it stops browsing, noting more. U will have to resubscribe again and don't subscribe from 9pm upwards cos wen u exhaust ur 25mb limit, it would not surf anymore so better activate it in the morning and dwnlod till it stops browsing.

  2. @Anonymous31 August 2013 19:13

    oooooo …. Sorry man, it must be an oversight, am really sorry please. It's just that i tend to forget easily due to so many mails. Can you please send me a mail man? I'll appreciate it. Tnks for your contribution so far

  3. Tanks prof, it is working, i just downloaded 250MB files now via my IDM browser. Please help us locate the possible means to activate Magic sim oooo. Tnks again

  4. I'v used it twice but couldn't pull more than 4gigs of data. Nice to use for now, atleast its better than 2gb capped BIS

  5. Yea, it's only for a day, but better off than bis plan because you don't need vpn and it works on all phones and PC. Try this very early in the morning and your download continues.

  6. Nawa ooo sey to credit a particular post to someone does that means the person is gettin paid or wat……

    Immature comments there…….

    It's all for the benefits of everyone not selfish one, it's even annoying,
    There has never been parmanent cheat in nija, av been in this FBt, cracking and hacking since 2001, there has never been parmanent cheat. So if there is anything just post it, if you don't someone else will.
    Good morning guys

  7. bren trying to activate my mtn sim since yesterday them no gree remove moni from my line.. I always get try again over n over again what do I do?? I hv a 128k sim , do I hv to be on some kind of plan first.. pls rply this man ur too much thanx

  8. GOOD OLD PROF!……this thing dey blaze away like m_d…..Thanks a dillion! Prof think clearly we can make it MAGIC SIM again….its a must…

  9. Please, is PDPROXY still connecting via BIS? Mine stopped yesterday by 9pm and I received no message telling me my BBCDAY subscription has expired.

  10. please where can download all these music being sing in the big brother house like elinsere…and the rest of African music n Mampi music….please help me.

  11. Youve been too helpful mann I personally appreciate u..this is my first coment..I had to because ims so grateful. ? Pls keep it up man..even if we dont and can't pay u..ure sure to receive proper reward for all youre doing someday..cheers man..lets blaze the downloading

  12. You can use myque vpn for any site that restrict downloading or complaining about ip and telling you to wait for some minutes or hours, its for u to change the server and the ip will change also

  13. If I exceed my validity, It would usually disconnect and I'll receive an alert that my subscription has expired but I received none.
    Thank God PDProxy is still connecting.

  14. unbelievable mine still dey work….e don pass expiry period…..he he he he he! Dis na blessing from GOD and ofcourse our able LEADER YOMIPROF….May d almighty continue to shower His blessings on you, yomiprof.

  15. Any one in the house pls help oh. of all d free browsing that I have followed here none have worked for me. I wonder why my luck is bad in this thing oh. This should please work oh. Still optimistic oh somebody help #still @ [email protected]

  16. @Anonymous3 September 2013 08:57,
    I believe it's just temporary and i'll suggest you try it again.

    @Anonymous3 September 2013 09:26, what package are you on?
    Your luck is not bad, i beleive you should be missing something.

  17. @Aliu abdulfatayi. Demanding money to give a cheat us totally wrong. You are on a blog, you get info free. Demanding money just for a cheat you just conjured on your own. @yomi. Pls look at messages before approving them on your blog. Not all messages should be approved.

  18. its working unlimitedly with me since 4 days ago now….works from 09:00hrs-21:00hrs..What a wonderful way to get back at empty hen since all this days..KUDOS YOMIPROF…Finally M_GIC S_M is back with style!

  19. @Anonymous4 September 2013 23:09, it is still working oooo, i just used 300Mb this morning on my old 128k sim. Yes you can leave a little money on your sim after buying the data

    Anonymous5 September 2013 06:51, it is still working. Your 15mb does'nt have anything to do with this tweak.

  20. Gud morning and a big well done to you.Pls i have some questions.I just discovered ur blog and i must say,i find it very interesting.
    1. how do i change to mtn magic sim
    2. i cant watch you tube on my bb curve 2 bcos it charges extra data from my account balance.pls how do i watch videos without it charging extra cost.
    3.i connected my bbcurve to my laptop but it charged from my account,how can i browse only from my monthly subscription without charging extra email is [email protected]

  21. Yomi Prof, thanks for this post, I do have a challenge. Do I have to subscribe between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm to enjoy the unlimited benefit. I subscribed by 8 this morning and after exhausting the 25mb, I haven't been able to browse. Olaolu

  22. @Anonymous5 September 2013 09:00,
    Let me start by saying that magic sim is still in progress but as not being confirm. Once it is confirmed, you will get an update about it.
    2. Which network are you making use of? If it is mtn, send DATA OFF to 131 and it will stop charging from your account
    3.Once you send DATA OFF to 131 if it's mtn you are making use of, it will stop charging extra from your account.

    And finally, should case of next time, don't drop your email here in public because of scammers.

    @Young mille, i can really tell why is not working for some sims but i'll suggest you don't try it again in other not waste your money. Sorry for every inconveniences.

  23. 4 doz of u wu r unluky d cheat still works but lyk i said i've tested d cheat dis morning again on 2 diff sims (old+new). its still workn on d old MTN sims but not d new 1z @ least 4 new entrants

  24. @Kehz Chike, Airtel Bis is still working on PC. I beleive it should be network problem.
    If you want to use it on your Android phone, just insert it into your android phone and make sure your apn is
    Username and password: internet.
    connect and surf.
    I will advice you should also check maybe your you data is exhausted by dialing *141*712*0#

  25. Lucky enough am on old sim…..still blazing away on DAY 6….The other ones on new sims stopped…Dont know why…guess empty hen attacked them. Try old sim if you want instant success. Regards to Yomiprof.

  26. No one should call AbdulFaitayi….he's a 419. His trick does not work and when u inform him that it's not working, he'll cease to pick your calls.
    He'll ask you to send him any amount of money for Mtn. I believe he uses that to subscribe to the *112# daily and download for 24hrs on peoples money using lies. Avoid him all…

    Below is his post above…………..
    Aliu abdulFatayi3 September 2013 14:49

    i just use mine it gr8 but i got somtin new 4 andriod ursers how u can browse on ur andriod phone with mtn 1000 naira airtime on ur sim 4 every 6 month dis is my number 07062636985 just call and get urs direct to ur email now

    Prof, please delete his post form here so people don't fall victim.

  27. it seems not to be working now. MIne ceased soon as I downloaded 27mb.

    It appears is working on MTN BB subscription without the need for VPN; the only constraint is that it isn't allowing download managers and torrents through it's firewall. Browsing is fast but downloading is FRUSTRATED. Can't use IDM, utorrent

  28. Prof MTN jst told me I hv reach my fairly usuage there a way I can continue browsing thru my BBC evryday smthing like the 2h trick..does the trick still work?

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