Update: Airtel Bis Still Working On All Device

To those who has been asking me if airtel  bis still works on PC, Android etc, it still
works well and even faster depending on the area you are located. All the plans
ranging from 6GB, 4GB and 2GB plan works perfectly. So if you want to
subscribe, you can go ahead.

At the moment, Glo bis only works when it’s tethered with
blackberry desktop manager on your pc. Aside of that, it won’t walk.  Etisalat and Mtn still remain in a state of bugaboo;
though still watching from an acute angle.
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24 thoughts on “Update: Airtel Bis Still Working On All Device”

  1. Yomi, How does one go about the whole "Airtel BIS working on Android devices" procedure + is the Etisalat BIS on Android still working ?

    • The airtel bis is a blackberry subscription that is currently working on all device. Instead of subscribing for 200mb for 1k with your airtel line, the bb sub gives you 2GB for #1,500 or 4GB for 1,500 that if your sim is eligible.

      This plan works on android, iPhone, bb, Pc etc
      To subscribe for the 2GB plan for 1500,
      ==>Recharge your line with 1500 and dial this code *440*16#
      ==>Set your apn to internet.ng.airtel.com
      ==>Password and username: internet
      save and connect. that is all

  2. my dear, the 6gb for 3 months does not work
    i loaded and they my 300 was deducted and when i called their customer careline, i was told that the 6gb for 3 months have been withheld for the time being
    So please be properly informed


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