Mara Messenger – Latest Free Unlimited SMS App to Any Network

Don’t be surprise when you wake tomorrow morning and found
out Yomi also has a messenger; but my messenger won’t only be for free sms but
for free calls and free data. I’ll call it auto data generator, it will
automatically be generating data in GB for your whenever you run out of data on
your mobile device (Laughing in Hebrew…).

The rate at which chat Messenger is coming up this day is so
alarming and I don’t even know the one to go for again. The other I wrote a
review on KoboIM which is now available on Blackberry world and Playstore and I
think I love that chat messenger. But wait, yet another messenger is available
called Mara.
Mara Messenger is one of the latest chatting messenger, that offers a
lot of features and their main target is the African market. This chatting
application seems to have a lot of features as listed below
==>You can send unlimited free SMS to any network in Nigeria
and you won’t be charge for it using this app
==>You can add more than 200 friends at a go
==>You can share pictures and your locations with friends
==>Funny doodle if you get your peeks angry
==>You can control your privacy settings as like
==>And group chatting 
is equally not an exemption.
In other words, it is more of free sms chatting app.
Where Can I Download It?
This app is only available for Blackberry users and Android
users. I don’t know why they have to sideline iOS and Window users.
For Android users, download it here
For Blackberry users, download it here
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29 thoughts on “Mara Messenger – Latest Free Unlimited SMS App to Any Network”

  1. is there a price for the first person to comment?

    Well Prof I like your Hebrew laugh, and I didn't see it until I saw the first person to comment, is that you in that pics coz the person there is laughing the Hebrew laugh….

  2. Lmaooo 1st to comment indeed u will soon be 1st to commot.. Prof tot u said it's a free messaging app how come I must invite contacts b4 I can send d text

    • It is a chat messenger with free messaging facility. According to the developer, it is free SMS to all Nigerian network except if they are trying to be fishy somewhere.

    • Terminal emulator? Where did you heard? As long as I've tried this stuff, its only MtkDroid tool and octupus box that can tweak the imei of MTN Smart Android Phone.

    • Don't mind them jooor. We'll loose the padlock. Though I have a root kit on my pc but uploading it is my major concern because the file is so large. However, I'll do that and let you know about it once its up and running

    • Don't be scared, it will all be fixed. Look for an external mouse and try it to see if the problem still persist. And concerning your 'delete key' that is not working, that means your keyboard might suddenly be developing problem.

      Drop you BBM Pin Let me add you up or whatsapp so that it will be easier to fix this problem.

  3. Hi Sir Yomi ,
    Am still having problem changing the imei of my ANDROID PHONE which I don't actually know the name buh the name it bears is ANDROID it has a dual sim,android version 4.2 with a quad core CPU it's just the same thing with the features of of techno F7. it successfully processed to the engineering mode buh after inserting the new imei which I wanna use and press the SEND AT COMMAND button it keeps telling me that SENDING AT COMMAND IS FAILED.Pls what should I do? [email protected] is my email address and 09031288147 is my whatsapp number. I need your help


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