Airtel Launched TryBe Plan – It Offers Free BBM, Whatsapp & Twitter

Mtn is just busy giving their surprises, Etisalat is busy
giving double your recharge promo; Glo is busy thinking of employing someone
who knows how to stop Glo Bis on Android; but Airtel is busy launching new Plan
to suite their subscribers. But I am busy looking for loopholes so that surfing
can be easier for all device owners.

All thanks to “Paul” for this info.  Airtel Nigeria just launched another plan
called TryBe Plan and I’m pretty sure all Airtel users are going to enjoy this
plan. According to them, this plan offers free calls, unlimited whatsapp,  free bbm, and twitter. 
How Can I Migrate to This Plan?
Dial *312#
This plan has not been officially announce on their website
but it’s available on their twitter handle. You can call CC for more info about
Not only that, but there is another plan recently launched
called Airtel Football Blitz. With this plan, you recharge #200 and Enjoy N300
bonus for Calls & SMS plus 10 days of live Football Match updates.  I’m sure football fans are going to like this
because you are going to get free 10days football highlights and chat.
How Can I Migrate?

Dial *624#
Just be at alert because I smell loopholes all around.
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26 thoughts on “Airtel Launched TryBe Plan – It Offers Free BBM, Whatsapp & Twitter”

    Dial any of the following codes to enjoy..
    NOTE: d 1st nd d 2nd code re more effective….ENJOY… MOSHOOD

  2. Prof happy Sunday
    please Prof are you having the following

    1. Google analytic
    2.Alexa ranking
    3.webmaster tools
    4. site map

    if you're having them or not please help me out with a their registration links except for Google analytic
    I have am account with them already am only having problem installing the tracking Id
    as for the analytic please which one am I going to install is it the one that looks like this
    or the etc
    something like that sha
    please Prof it's urgent and I need your help I have no one else.

    • I think yomi is getting more and more preocuppied this days. Well let me help you out.
      ==>To register for Alexa A/C Click Here
      ==>After that claim your site at
      ==>Now to verify, copy the code you see there and paste it right under head
      ==>Save template, go back to alexa and click verify.
      ==>If it doesnt make sure that at the end of that meta tag you saved ealier there is no space between this three symbols==> '/>

      As for google analytic instead of pasting the code or script they gave you, paste this one intead at thesame place. dotscript type='text/javascript'>UA-5866535-1dot/script>

      NOTE: in this comment box am not allowed to use scripts so replace "dot" in the above script with this symbol <
      And head above should be in between this two symbol <>

      Uche Francis

  3. Prof pls. I want to get a system with 60k. But i dont reali know if an hp dual core is gud for my playing heavy games or an acer Quad core. Both is 4gb ram and 500gb hd. Pls help me

  4. Pls som1 shuld help me out,I got a bb bold 3 and do the daily bis to download but any time I try to download it say a firewall inside my IT did not allow it.pls how can I correct this am new to bb

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