10 Most Important Apps For Your Android Phone

The weekend has been so hectic for me and please those of
your that sent me mail in one way or the other, sorry if I didn’t reply your
mail but I’ll sure get back to you. I’ll quickly share with you important
applications you must have on your android phone.
==>EverNote: Evernote is a suite of software and services, designed for note taking and
archiving. It automatically save your notes in the cloud, meaning you can log
out and login from another device and your notes and audio notes will still be
intact. Why carry jotter around when you have Evernote at your disposal.

==>AirDroid: This app makes it
easier to manage your Android device on the web. You can transfer files from
your computer to your Android phone easily without USB cable.

==>Es File Explorer: This is my favorite Android file
manager for navigating and accessing files on my Android phone. I’ve already
written something about it here
==>Microsoft Office Mobile: This is the Microsoft office
app for Android. With it you can view, edit and access Microsoft office
document such as Microsoft Words, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your
Android smartphone.
==>News360: I love this app. It is a smart news reader
that aggregates news stories and blogs around your topics of interest.
==>Appy Geek: If you are a tech lover, then Appy Geek is
a must have app for your Android phone.
==>Shazam: Shazam is the best way to identify music and
TV playing around you; In seconds you’ll know the name of any song, or more
about what you’re watching – touch to Shazam to start your journey.
==>Mx Player: This is the best video player for Android
that lets you watch any video format.
==>CM Security App Lock & Antivirus: This app secures
your Android smartphone from viruses and help you manage your device better.
Scan and remove viruses/threats from your device and SD Card, Clean up junks,
boost memory/free up RAM, lock apps, block calls and locate phone if missing.
==> Go SMS: this is a free messenging app on sms/mms for
android. If you are the owner of your Android device and you are sure you didn’t
borrow it, then you must install Go SMS.
I know I didn’t mention all but feel free to add yours
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44 thoughts on “10 Most Important Apps For Your Android Phone”

  1. prof pls file transfer frm my tecno phantom to my pc is ultra slow at times(imagine sending a film of 300mb to my fone via usb for 20minutes) pls what can i do to restore its to its full speed of 7mb/s.. pls

  2. Pls i wnt 2knw wether 2 go 4 infinix Zero despite d battery life..nd is der any Tecno andriod fone beta dan dis Infinix zero in d range of 20-25k

    • Don't go for infinix zero cause of the battery… Although, Konga will give you free 5000mAh power bank that will charge your infinix zero 4times faster. But instead of that infinix zero, I'll rather go for infinix hot.

      Yea there are lots of Techno Android phones within that price range. Let me check them out and list them for you.

  3. yes guy u are right because that is wat am using now and I have downloaded more than 5GB wit my own and am still downloading and watching movies online.

  4. prof pls. i dnt know if this is a virus on my system, but some folders on my system are creating a replica of them selves automatically. though the replicas are shortcut.. but whenever i copy sumtin to those folder to anpda external drive it creates a shortcut replica… pls hoq can i remove them… my antivirus avast is not seeing them as a threat

    • Guy those are viruses ooooooo… do something about your antivirus. Is your Avast up to date? if you don't have the latest, download the latest and update the virus definition of your Avast. Then scann thouroughly… I mean scann your system with Anger so that you can clear all those antivirus stuff.

  5. prof how do I confirm if my tecno m3 is rooted,

    I don't have supersu or d famroot apk installed on my device but the root checker I downloaded from plays tire says "congratulations! this device has root asses!

    sir pls I need a bb imei to flex d glo bis on my device can u kindly help me out wit one

    [email protected]

    thanks prof

    • Since your root checker told you that you have root access, that means your android is rooted.
      What you just need to do now is to go to playstore and download super user to your phone.
      Prof will send u imei

  6. YOMI PROF as a novice who want to start using android wic one will yu advice i go for within d range of 20 to 25k….b it new or london use.considering d clearity of d pix in d night…tankz

  7. The Huawei Ascend Y220-u00 Mr yomi it keeps freesing and i dont know what to do next. any altarnetive please mr yomi and at the same time on the Android screet code ,it dosent accept any code , accept *#06# thats so my brother.


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