Do You Know You Can Report & Block Spammers on WhatsApp

Do you know you can now report SPAMMERs on WhatsApp and get
them blocked. I’m pretty sure some of you didn’t know that this feature exist,  even though you might have been seeing it on
your updated WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has had spam-solving measures for a while now: you
could block people from messaging you when you noticed something fishy about
them (usually when receiving a photo, contact, link, or ad from
someone you didn’t know). Phone numbers that were blocked by several users
eventually ended up being temporarily or
banned from using the service.
Maybe you always receive messages like “send this messages
to 10 people…” or all manner of funny broadcast, It can be considered as spam.
Don’t just stare at the messages, make use of the Spam button.
When you get a message from a phone number that isn’t
in your contacts list, you will now see two big boxes to report it as
spam and block it or to add it to your phonebook.
Where Can I Find this Option?

==>The option to only block can still be found under
More in the overflow menu on
the top right, and it still shows up above the conversation when
you’ve replied to the unknown sender but still haven’t saved their
If your WhatsApp isn’t updated, you might not see this
features. But you can find more recent updated versions on the service’s site
or on APK Mirror.
Here’s the plan, when next you get a message that requires
that you forward it to 10 people or face terrible consequences or when you
receive unsolicited messages, just report it as spam or get it blocked.
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  1. hello prof pls help your boi…..i tweak my p5 imei to bold 5 and subscribe to the mtn blackberry complete plan but since then i was unable to browse with my phone….pls help me out

    • What you just did is one chance… You only tweak imei to use Glo BIS on your P5 Android phone. To use MTN Blackberry 10 package on your ANdroid, you need to migrate to MTN Biz plan by dialing *460*1# and also with your simple server. Every other settings remain thesame.

      Pls dis is a wrong post for your question.. if you want to reply, reply here

  2. Thanks for this info… No more irrelevant broadcast on my whatsapp or else face the wroth of Spam button

  3. Hello Prof… mrn Pls I need ur assistance with my Q10 hotspot. I've noticed it is not detected by windows 8 laptops whereas it easily connects to all windows 7. I've tried it with different laptops and it's still the same… Ur help wud b of great use

    • Your Q10 hot spot is okay… Its your window 8 wireless you need to set.

      Go to your network settings on your Window 8 Computer and delete all stored wireless network. Once its done, turn on your windows wireless, and turn on your Q10 hotspot. it should detect it after then.


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