Cheapest Tariff Plan Across All Network

It is an experience of the ‘Sadducee’ if
you are part of those who still make calls at an expensive rate; making calls
@40KB per/sec across all network is simply mobile foolishness and not
industrial wisdom. Why will you pay heavily for calls across all network when
you can simply apply the ‘dot principle’?
It is paramount to note that it is very
possible to enjoy cheaper call rate regardless of the network tariff plan, so long
porting is allowed. 

Cheapest Tariff on MTN Network

MTN Truetalk+: I can boldly attest to this that
one of the best tariff package that ever existed on MTN network is Truetalk+. MTN TrueTalk Plus allows you to call all network in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second,
to UK, USA, India, Canada and China with a daily charge access fee of N5
With this plan, you can simply estimate
how long a recharge of N100 will last you.
How Can I Migrate to This Package?
==>dial *123*20#
MTN Beta Talk: This plan looks similar
to the above, only it gives you 200% bonus of your recharge and charges 40Kb
per/sec across all network, gives you 10MB weekly. It is ideal for those who
make alots of calls.
 How Can I Migrate?
Simply dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131
Cheapest Tariff on Glo

Glo Bounce: On glo network, this is the
cheapest tarrif plan. Glo Bounce tariff plan offers best and competitive
flat rate tariff to all networks with unlimited value for your money.
You can Call for as low as 15k/s
to all networks and as low as 11k/s to your friends who
switch to or are on the Glo Bounce Plan.
To Migrate

Dial *170*4# and to enjoy 200% bonuses,
dial *170*5#
Cheapest Tariff Plan on Etisalat

To me, Etisalat is one of the best
network with exceptional tariff plan. No matter the plan you are ON, you’ll always
enjoy 200% bonus on any recharge.
Etisalt Easy Life offers 11k/Sec to
call any network in Nigeria, and 20k/sec to 4 international destinations (UK
landlines, US, China, India).
But you’ll be charged N5 daily access
fee which will be geared by the 1st voice call of the day.
How Can I Migrate?

To migrate dial *420*1#

Confirm package by dialing *244*3#

Airtel: Did I just mention Airtel NG?
The truth is, I don’t have anything to say about this network since the day I
discover that they give unlimited data for peanut to friends in Kenya and
charges ridiculously in NG, I just dump my sim until the day they’ll repent.
Even the so call N1,000 bonus they give on recharge of N1,000 doesn’t last more
than 24hours.
In all, Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 is still
the best tariff plan ever. Which tariff plan are you currently using and why?
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27 thoughts on “Cheapest Tariff Plan Across All Network”

  1. oga Prof…I seriously need your help. my best friend (TECNO M7) fall down….it got bricked I will say, because it only showing the tecno logo. I tried booting it to recovery mode all to no avail. and it not the first time I have done it because I have CWM installed. WHAT DO I DO? DOES IT MEAN MY PHONE DON DIE? PLS REPLY ASAP. THANKS… SULEMAN

    • Hello suleiman,
      Your fone isn't dead if we can get it to boot ti recovery. You need to power off your phone first. Then, after it’s shut down, hold simultaneously the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Volume down’ button for a few seconds (if this does not work out, try with Power and Volume Up – the combination might vary across devices).

    • Oga Prof….i swear i don tire…as in eh, is not the first time am saving the phone when it got bricked.but it refused to enter recovery mode now. even your right hand man side (Oga Adeola) said it may be imporsicant…is there any way i canuse laptop todo it? or any other solution? thanks waiting for ur reply. i hate offline

  2. Am still on etisalat easy cliq. Not that i really prefer the plan in terms of calling but i have no choice when it comes to data gifting on recharge(15mb for 200 recharge weekly). I was once adviced to migrate to etisalat easy life so i would enjoy a plan of unlimited browsing for 3 hours at the rate of N15, i migrated but nothing like that exists. I dialed the codes for migration times without number but i always receive an error message. While still on the easylife plan, my bonus and mb on recharge was cancelled, unable to opt in for the plan. I have to pay another whooping 100 naira to migrate back to easy cliq. Am fed up prof. Yomi i really need an alternative for this crazy cliq call rate. Am on my knees** Prof.*

    • You are not fed up bro, that easy life 3hrs stuff was actually working before it was discontinued. The question how long will u continue to hunt for free 15mb on recharge of 200 naira? When you can easily get a cheap 100mB or 200MB that will last u for long.

      The alternative I'll advice is this Easy life 4.0 above

  3. After factory reseting Innjoo i2s, the rear (back) camera stopped working. Only the front camera works and camera apps like Camera360, PicsArt do not install.

    Any solution pls?

  4. Boss after changing my sim 1,d data refuse to connect,e or h is not showing,should i put The sim in a bb fiRst cos av bought glo comonth already, sim2 dey show and connect but Sim1 dont since i tweak itany suggestion am using the hot note pro infinix,tankz

    • Hello Enoch,
      Make sure you set your Apn to, leave the password and username field blank. Set it as your default and you should see the H or E sign after that.

      Another thing is, did you successfully change your imei to that of bb? if yes, no need to use a blackberry phone to activate it, just correct your apn and it will be activated on your Android device.


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