Best Affordable Data Plan For Heavy Downloaders This November

Every mobile user use their smartphone  for a particular reason, some for selfies,
some just to facebook while some for downloading. No matter the category you
fall, there is a data plan that suits you.

If you are the social media publicist that all you do is
just to facebook, bbm, instagram and tweet, no other data plan fits you than
Etisalat Social me pak with N300 weekly. Dial *200*3*3*2*1*1#  or you can get 1GB for N1000  from
reliable data reseller. Call 08161145975

If you are running a Cyber Café
or you have an office that connect more that One system at a time, you can
simply get 10GB at a very affordable price and can also rollover to the next
For iOS Users
All android plan works on all
iOS devices hence, I’ll only suggest you subscribe for 2GB for N2000.
PC Users
If you have any big download to
make, I’ll suggest you subscribe for the smatpack data plan above and connect
it with XT181 or tweakware vpn for unlimited download. Just for N300
Airtel NG
This guys seems to be waking up
this time as they introduce Timely based data plan some couples of weeks ago
and I can tell you that it is wow.  Each
time I want to download something heavy, I just grab my Airtel sim without
thinking twice and download.
The plans are;
5min for  N15
10min for N30
30min for N90
60min for N180
How Can I Subscribe For This Package?
Dial *439# and follow the prompt to get
you started.
This plan is suitable only for downloading and it works on
all platform including iPad/iPhone.
This is the big boys network even though they are still
under the notorious NCC fine roll. They recently introduced  one of the cheapest data plan 2GB for N1500,
500MB for N500 but has unavoidably been scrapped.
Don’t really know why but you can always get a cheap data
bundle from third party resellers.
MTN BBLited still works with Simple android server. If you
are having issue with this, kindly use open vpn connect or Psiphone. Then XTI81
for PC Users or SS.
Glo Users,
Those of you who are new to Android, you don’t need to root
your phone before you tweak your  imei to
use Glo Blackberry plan on Android. By download Engineering mode mtk from
google playstore will help you change your imei with ease. 
Glo 1GB data plan for N1000 is a multipurpose data plan that
works on all platform. I’ll recommend this plan for iOS users or PC users who
don’t really spend much time on the internet. It will last you for a month. 
Dial *127*53# to subscribe.

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  1. Good morning prof. How do I change Samsung galaxy ace 4 IMEI? I've tried imei changer with + xposed installer and it didn't work. Please what do I do?

  2. I can't forget the day I suffered myself going to computer village to change my Samsung mega imei. Those guys are idiots. They chopped my 3k without doing anything. They said I should go and subscribe it that the new imei will not show but it will work .

  3. Hello Oga Yomi. Pls i tried changing the imei of my Tecno 7C (Droipad7) but it wrote "This command is not allowed in userbuild". What do i do Boss and it is an mtk device.


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