Is Black Friday a Scam? Tell us Your Experience

This is the question that everybody kept asking and up till now, we keep hearing story that touch… I know quite well that a lots of people have waited for this Black Friday to come, but obviously many people are disappointed

Starting from 12am this morning, a lots complained that Jumia site didn’t open, while others said that Jumia price on infinix hot2 didn’t change. An anonymous commenter anonymously commented that “Hehehehehehh n9a no go stop to amaze person. 12am Jumia site went off, after sometime, I saw everything sold. Abet na witches and wizards buy d fone  dem”

I sat down and thought for a moment, then I checked Konga only to discover that some of the item didn’t change in price. Like the infinix hot2 still goes for the same price; snooker rocket still goes for the same price. The only thing that change majorly are prices for fashion wears.

Gearbest tried giving 20 people half the price of xiaomi red I note 2 and some other items. I don’t want to draw conclusions yet but let me throw the question back to you, how was your Black Friday experience? Sweet or sour?

Note that over 6million people are trying to get just 1 flash sale on Jumia and that was part of the reason why their site went down at a point. Is this nice? out 64million Nigerians trying to shop on Jumia this Black Friday, is it a crime if Jumia give 30 people coupon code for flash sale?

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39 thoughts on “Is Black Friday a Scam? Tell us Your Experience”

  1. Mr yomi kudos. the whole exercise is a scam their site refuse to open. then how many phone are they displaying for sale. the propaganda is more than what they can afford. its rubbiss

  2. Lol m sure d purposely did t or maybe jus put d old out stuffs to b lik d did something. I really don't trust dis online naija stores. So evn if its 10 ppl. Konga n jumia no fit afford am.

  3. jumia Are Criminals…..I thought they said 50% Off for infinix Hot 2…Only for me to wake up Around 6 am and Do Fast Man to Buy Upto 10 infinix but to my Surprise…The Prices Were Same….I became More Confused when i saw iphone 6 #170,000,galaxy s6 #170,000,Generator #150,000….The only Cheap thing i Saw was Extention Wire with Fuse which Cost #950,Imagine Buying Extention Wire For #950 and Paying for Shippin 2500 making Almost 3K for just 1 extention Wire.Around Past 5..i Got a message From Jumia…Tecno C8 #19500..i rushed to buy it,there site was Down,after a 5minites they said Sold out….imagine…I think Jumia Needs to be Banned from Nigeria Fa…What a waste of my Time……….

  4. I swear na Ogun go purnish this jumia ppl can u imagine I saw TecnoC5 goes for #16500 I rush to get it b4 den go say Sold out, after doing every every jst to confirm my order it writting Sorry an error occur try again after some minutes I still try it same tin keep happing b4 I could try the 3rd 1 dey wrote Sold out what nonsense scams dey did to we Nigerians it not fair atall.

  5. I had a bitter sweet experience. I got the infinix hot 2 for #8950.00, by 12 am, I didn't use the Jumia app becos 1 minute after 12 it froze so I used my Ucbrowser and got my hot 2. The bitter experience was I had already added an Innjoo halo to my cart for #6750.00. As I was trying to checkout, it froze and refused to check me out, kept reloading the checkout page. By the time it eventually went, it said my cart was empty and the halo sold out. I don't blame them, so many people trying to get cheap stuffs, the app can carry only so many people. Konga on the other hand, their Yakata sales was the flop of the year, everything was sold for the same prize.

  6. Stories abt blackfriday were all scams on jumia nd konga except for dealdey which lived up to expectations bt had very few limited products. Konga was d biggest scam as dis prices neva had any really discount. And prof i ur words though bt pls don't defend dis lies dis online stores cooked for us Nigerians abt hvin too much buyers on dia site cux dey knew it was going to happen or hv u 4gotten we had almost similar issues earlier dis year in dia yeye mobile megaton. Am highly disappointed nd if it were up to me, i wud ban dem for deceiving Nigerians on such publication deals abt blackfriday wen dey kw dey don't hv d capabilities.

  7. Well! Jumia still the best compare to others, but am sure those niggas at jumia knew what they did… Right now i will start ordering and after they bring it i will start stories with them (lolz!)…. Like seriously they fuvk me up/fuvk Nigerians up.

  8. Well, Black Friday wasn't a scam but I'm not impressed with all the products offered yesterday, especially on Jumia. I was expecting the latest flagship device of Innjoo (Innjoo 2) to be online for sale at a subsidized rate but it's quite appalling that even up till now, Innjoo 2 is still not available on Jumia even at the normal price. Innjoo Halo (black) went out of stock before 1am yesterday. The question is who bought these phones before day broke(because Black Friday sales started at exactly 12midnight)? In less than one hour, Innjoo Halo (Black) went out of stock. I've been anticipating for this Black Friday not knowing that it would end up being a demoralizing experience. It's quite disheartening. I must say!

  9. Scam……u can pay them back…by ordering 4 goods…wen they call u they re in twn tell them to fuck off..dont see them…at d end tell them it's abt d so call white friday

  10. Konga was ok. I bought a laptop of 120k for 85k. I think the issue with konga was you had to look for where the yakata category is in each store category. Jumia on the other hand was something else. Their discount was ish and their site was on/off. It was the same for them last year.

  11. i got a 3in1 kitchen appliance and a bryte 7inch tablet for 21k after i payed with konga pay… even the likes of Gearbest,banggood,coolicool,geekbuying,everbuying all have their shortcomings yesterday ,its called bizness and its not as if dey dont give discount before black friday…

  12. Omg sue jumia i bought normal data yesterday visafone data because of them ….. I no still get anything their papa ncc or whatever sue jumia

  13. Jumia and konga should hide their faces in shame. They couldn't put any reasonable discount on even just one expensive phone/device. What a load of shit! Maybe konga can be excused since they referred to their event as 'yakata'. The Asus zenfone 2 with 4GB ram and an intel processor was up for about $130 on gearbest. Even slot online had lenovo vibe z2 pro and vibe x2 for half their prices (up for 60k and 35k respectively), iphone 6 64GB for 140k among others. Now these are solid examples of the type of discounts expected on a black friday and not slashing a 13k phone to 8k and calling it black friday. It's good but not black friday good.
    In summary, black friday was super sour as I believe Jumia and konga can present a far better black friday offering than the POS offers yesterday

  14. Please Mr Yomi I need your advice yesterday i ordered a laptop on yudala HP 15-g001nia Notebook PC | 4GB, 500GB | AMD
    Quad Core
    J2T69EA for 43k i don't know how good is it cos i was thinking of Lenovo ideapad i don't know which is better and how trust worthy is yudala do they deliver fast?

    • Am based in Ilorin they sent me a mail dat my area is not within their pay and delivery service and ask me to pay to their bank account before I recieve my order,my fear now is dat they should not package rubbish for me o..cos dat laptop is kinda cheap tho i ordered it on black Friday

    • Ade it's simple, as soon as they bring d lappy, unbox it infront of d guy dat deliver it, cross check to knw if it's wat u order for. Jumia will accept it if you return it.

  15. as for me… i had to order from ali express on like the oniline shopping sites in Nigeria. Amd i can quite say it was a good experience… tho am still awaiting my goods… tnkz Yomiprof

  16. was good.ordered htc one m8 from aliexpress.i just laugh at people crying foul over jumia and konga.i have never trusted all this EXPRERSS sale ish.the last time they slashed real price was in 2013 and that was bc they were new in the market..But naija too like awoof

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