Should Blackberry Bring Back Legacy Devices?

Its weekend people and I think we should interact more
today. Considering the fact that blackberry is passing through what we call wilderness
experience, should BlackBerry try to bring back the legacy devices running
older OS and find a way to help all BlackBerry users move along by maybe
keeping the support for all BlackBerry phones (Bold, BB10 phones, etc.) and
introducing a new version of OS that

runs on all devices?

I made this post mainly due to seeing how BlackBerry is dying, and Whatsapp is trying to help in killing it the more… and I’m hoping
BlackBerry can turn things around and survive; and also I know lots of you are missing the old Bold
phones (perfect size and form factor.)

What do you think?

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62 thoughts on “Should Blackberry Bring Back Legacy Devices?”

  1. Blackberry should follow the world of android os, not to fall victim of going off market, this was thesame mistake NOKIA did and regret, Nokia fails to look ahead

  2. Well I think the way forward for blackberry is to dump any of the OS they have or adored right now and dance to the tune of android OS because Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and top phone makers dump their native OS and clung to android not only because it is an open source OS ( i.e if u can design and make good hardware, u can make an android) it is also a versatile one which you can fine tune to your own taste.
    BB produces phones with excellent design but their OS is now no where to be found right now, in other to move forward they should embrace the leading OS and try to make a mark with a unique feature to their devices.


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