Do We Really Need More RAM on Android Devices?

Now that LeEco is working on a flagship device of  8GB of Ram to the more mainstream channels of
flagship phones; Most flagships still sit on 3GB to 4GB of RAM, and there has
not been a huge outcry by consumers demanding more than this. 

For many people, holding 13 applications is enough, but
increases in RAM allow for better future-proofing and more software
possibilities. Some users don’t really care about what ram capacity their
devices hold while some will simply tell you that so long the device works
well, they are satisfied.
The truth still remain, not everybody wants 6GB of Ram on
their Android devices or not even 4GB of Ram talk less of 8GB of Ram. So let me
ask you, How much RAM do you really need in your device? Do you want Android to
keep adopting more RAM, or do you think it’s unnecessary at this point?
All your opinions are welcome.
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13 thoughts on “Do We Really Need More RAM on Android Devices?”

  1. We don't need huge memory. 2GB memory should be enough for a smartphone (It's not a computer).

    Look at iPhone, with just have 1GB/2GB of RAM it still works great (… ). We don't need to close or kill any application. Applications and ROM must be optimized to use available resources.

  2. As for me, I don't want to ever see anything like "no enough memory" on my phone and I don't want my phone to hang because of too much applications and cache so I need it. 8Ram will Enable you to run muti applications on ur phone without freezing, u can download and play any type of Game on ur phone smoothly without hanging . Sha if u don't need then don't buy it.

  3. To me, it's not all bout Ram, it's bout the core processor. A phone with 2GB RAM and 3.0ghz processor can do a lot better than a phone with 3GB RAM and 1.3ghz processor. Many might not understand what am saying until they test PES 2016 on their PC. Your RAM is not the only Tech involved in speed.

    • U sabi my brother.

      Get all the ram in the world and no better processor, it's still not good enough.

      It's like a kid with so much textbook but can't read them to pass exam. ??

  4. I'm personally concern about Camera and excellent multitasking. For God Sake, when did smartphone becomes a laptop that it will start having 6GB ram? I'm comfortable with 2GB of ram so long it will deliver what I want.


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