How Much Does Your Bank Currently Charges For Naira to Dollar Xchange?

The rate at which dollar is going up is beyond setting an
alarm clock but it’s very important we keep ourselves up to date with dollar exchange rate with reference to our individual banks. I know lot of us have
recently purchased one thing or the other online so you should have an idea how
much your bank currently charges you per dollar in Naira.

As at yesterday, GTB charges N330 to a dollar which is
ridiculously high. I don’t know about Zenith bank, Diamond bank, Eco bank and others but I’m sure it
may not be up to this or more than this.
If you’ve recently purchased something online, kindly tell us
how much your bank charges you to a dollar.
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15 thoughts on “How Much Does Your Bank Currently Charges For Naira to Dollar Xchange?”

  1. zenith charged me 350 yestaday…i just bought a domain name on godaddy, rejoice with me.

    and for those still willing to buy, godaddy is on a promo for first time buyers 87% off

    i got a domain for $4.17 dollars yestaday…try it

  2. If you want to know current dollar charge rates per bank,just go to ,it's crowdsourced so accurate and up to date.standard chartered is the cheapest right now,followed by gtbank

  3. Community bank charge inline with Apc promises. Currently it stand at $1:#1

    the transfer is done using Ifa wireless.
    Thanks to APC


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