Best Cheapest Data Plans For Android, iOS, Blackberry & PC Users in February

Happy New Month friends, I trust this month
will be much better than the previous month with good tidings. It’s no longer
news that Glo, Etisalat and MTN have discontinued the use of Blackberry
Services for Blackberry users  leaving
them wondering in the valley of shadows.

question is, which Data Plan will be suitable for Blackberry users?
For now, Airtel Blackberry still rocks on all
Blackberry OS 7 devices, so you can do yourself good by getting airtel sim and
dial *431# 

For Android Users and iOS Users
Airtel Tripple surf is what I recommend in such a time like this because
it gives you up to 100% bonus on data activation on purchase and
renewals. In other words, it rewards customers for being loyal to the company.
It is not a data plan on its own. It only
gives you bonus on your data subscription based on your current Airtel data plan.
The Percentage of data you get is dependent on your current Airtel data plan.
How do I activate the Triple Surf
Simply Dial *141#
      2. Select option 2 in the menu “Triple Surf Offer”, you will see the list
of applicable bundles
      3. Activate any of the applicable data bundles and you will begin to enjoy your
Airtel 7GB for N2000
This package is exclusive to some sim
qualified enough to enjoy the package. You get free extra 3.5GB when you
activate 3.5GB for N2000.
Dial *437*2# to activate the package
Airtel Normal Plan
For those who will love to just follow
nicodemusly with the normal plan, you can get any of this package from trusted
third party sellers. It doesn’t zap, compared to the airtel conventional package.
for N700
1.5GB for N 900
3.5GB for N1800
7GB. for N3150
9GB for N4000
Glo: You all know that Glo is bae when
it comes data, you can get huge data for lesser price and still might not be
able to finish it within 30 days. Their network was terrible in January… It’s a
little bit better now. 
Even with N500 Glo will give you
1.6GB. Dial *777# and follow the prompt.
Etisalat: For etisalat, I’m a huge fan
of third party sellers because I get more data for less price. E.g, you can get
1GB for N700 
1.5GB for N900
2GB for N1200
2.5GB for N1600
3.5GB for N2000
5GB for N2500 
10gb. For N4500
It all depends on how well you use
MTN: MTN normal data plan still remain unchanged, but you can be getting double of your data subscription if you are using
a new device or change your sim to a new device then subscribe. The double data
offer will last for 6month.
Dial *131# to choose a package
However, third party seller will give
you better value for your money as they offer
1GB for N600
1.5GB for 875
2GB for N1200
3GB for N1600
3.5GB for N1800
4GB for N2000
5GB for N2700
Finally, I have these bundle of Airtime
from Airtel Nigeria, ready for distribution.I can’t drop everything here but each of the pin comes with free
5min calls to any network, 25mb and it expires 12:00am today. So if you don’t
make calls, don’t load it otherwise you’ll waste it.
3730 1184 3557 5877
3971 1182 2528 0258
3870 385844076544
31463296 5532 2333
3127 5485 7945 4168
3643 5412 3966 3851
3074 7703 4644 8048
3309 2122 99385629
3375 6122 6640 1612
3962 12768413 2928
39733663 6669 7232
3615 6633892 63455
3174 2877 3982 7932
3508 2203 9605 4321
More still coming…!
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