Glo Easy Surf With Ease For All Device

I’m really sure the geeks among us are surfing the net codedly with the available tweak as you have varieties of options to surf with.
I actually compile this tutorial for the symbian and java users or perhaps to
also the Android device users who have been unable to surf with the available
This Glo latest tweak is seriously and codedly blazing real
hot for the know-how  and coded
people.  No long stories just dust your
Glo sim and configure it as seen below before your internet connections blow

Download opera handler  5.1 handler for android here  while other device can download here if you
don’t have it and insert the below tweak
Port :80
APN: glosecure

and socket:   respectively.

Proxy server=
 Finally, go to your opera settings then change
protocol  to socket and hit the save
Android Users: Connect TCP With Droidvpn On Mtn
Android users Who already have
installed DroidVPN on their device and are using Mtn Sim should configure this
tweak below.
==>Configure your phone settings
like this
PORT: 443

==> Go to your Droidvpn settings
and set your
Connection protocol: TCP
set UDP: 5222
set TCP: 5222
After dat close your settings and hit the connect button. Mind you, if your
connection is not stable kindly connect your terminal emulator to make it
Note: This Tweak may not
work for all but if you followed the instruction carefully, it should work for

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21 thoughts on “Glo Easy Surf With Ease For All Device”

  1. Yomi tanx for this post but it did'nt work for me. Though the Sandwich works perfectly and it's still working.

    please more working cheat. tnx

    • I don't think we need bis sub to work with this cos it's working on my android just like that with 0.0 naira.

      ———–Mtn Staff

    • ==> Go to ‘Settings’.
      ==>Then go to ‘Wireless & networks’.
      ==>Continue go to ‘Mobile Networks’.
      ==> Then ‘Access Point Names’
      ==>Click the Menu button’
      ==>Then select ‘New APN’
      ==> Key in the detail that you find below.
      ==> Then press the radio button to select it.
      That’s all.

    • I have tested it on MyQue vpn it's not working at all but i'll test it on choco for you.

      And if you have tweak vpn installed on your pc, it works perfectly with it too


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