Why Did You Abandoned Airtel Weekend and Timely Data Plan?

Hello guys, it’s a beautiful weekend down here and this got
me thinking… why is nobody making reference to Airtel Timely bundle and weekend
data plans of 1GB for N100 again? Is it that you are all tired of downloading
or the network is abysmal in your location?

I’m aware that in recent time, Airtel reviewed their timely
plan from what it used to be to what it is now and a lot of people are not comfortable
with it despite the facts that it is unlimited.
The old Price gives you
5min for  N15
10min for N30
30min for N90
60min for N180
But the new timely
price gives you;
30Min for N300
60Min for N500
And 3hours for N1000 for night bundle.
This is not actually pocket friendly but I guess some people
are still using it…
In order for Airtel to cover up their mess, they’ve
introduced a lot of cheap data plans, one of which is 1.5GB for N500. This
sound cool to be true but only for those who got their text. Dial *418# to get
the offer.
Meanwhile, if you’ve got your old Airtel sim, you can still enjoy
Airtel weekend plan of 1GB for N100… It rocks, fast and  data can be rollover. Dial *474*1# to activate the offer.
The question is why did you stop using Airtel weekend plan
and timely plan?
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25 thoughts on “Why Did You Abandoned Airtel Weekend and Timely Data Plan?”

  1. The timely plan is too expensive… I still use the weekend plan

    I briefly stopped when 1.5gb night plan was 50#

    But they decided to become unreasonable and increased it
    . so I went back K to the weekend bundle

  2. baba.
    when y talkbof heavy browsing.
    i am one of them.
    ivevused etisalat..very fast..but became excessively slow in the kast 3years
    mtn…stably fast..but data charges..esp unlimited data charges..u wud give u jus kukuma buy smile.
    vut for the last 3weeks
    dia gen cannot keep 3g 4g signal stable.
    always goes to 2g..


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