How to Get 11.5GB For N1,000 on MTN StartPack

This is not a tweak nor a cheat but simple application of
common sense. I’ll just go straight to the point and make it simpler and
understandable as possible.
You can either get 10GB or 11.5GB depending on what satisfies. but I think you’ll love 11.5GB.
It is not something strange but what you already know… just
to add a little more honey to change the taste.

I’m sure you remember MTN StartPack that gives you 6times
recharge for the first 6 months of use.  It’s
now performing some common sense miracle so I need you to read carefully.
What Do I Need?
>>A new Sim,
>>Get it register and activated.
Steps involved For 11.5GB For Just N1,000
1. No need to migrate to any package, just leave it to the
package it came with
2. Recharge N100 and you’ll be given N500 to call and browse
3. Don’t use it for calling, Just use it for browsing
4. N500 bonus will give you 1GB data
5. 1000 recharge will give you 10GB data
6. You can then use your untouched N1,000 in your normal
account to subscribe for 1.5GB data plan after exhausting your 10GB making it
7. To check your data balance, dial *556# or *559#
Now tell me, which other plan can be better than this?
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41 thoughts on “How to Get 11.5GB For N1,000 on MTN StartPack”

  1. Prof thanks for the info but then how do will subscribe for the 10 gig and 1.5gig after recharging our account with one thousand naira.

  2. somehow confused, YP do you mean N500 bonus will automatically give 1GB and N1000 will automatically give 10GB still confused

  3. Boss good morning not to disturb oh…. What u are saying is… Get a new sim recharge 100 naira u then be given 500 bonus then don't make calls with the phone at all then secondly.. Recharge another 1000 airtime and u will be given 10gb just for recharging … Or do u need to press any code?…

  4. First of all, at anonymous 1, you don't need to subscribe for anything… just get a new sim registered, once you recharge N100, you'll be given 1GB for browsing and N500 for calls. Ignore 5H for calls and browse with your 1GB.

    The more you recharge the more you get.

    @Anonumous 2. 3Days
    @Anonym 3. I guess I've answered your questions. All you need is a new sim. No code to dial because new sim automatically put you on startpack.

    @Baron Adigwe, you don't need any code to dial.

  5. Thanks prof, but I hope this is not part of the hidden cat you kept from us, bcos have seen this on so many forums and blog, and am still waiting for the 2 remaining cat you wanna unleached.

  6. What's the validity!? Has anyone used it? Does it is straw?. I mean do witches and wizards used it unknown to you? (data zapping)


  7. I don't think the data bonus is 1gb,i just read it from their website that the data bonus that comes with the new sim 500% bonus is 10mb on recharge of 200 naira and above.

  8. Not interested, how can I be buying new sim cause of 11gb, when it's exhausted, what next? Buy a new si of course .. Mtcheeew.. Has anyone noticed that Mtn 500mb night browsing for N25 stops at 3:30am?

    • Yeah I have noticed that 2 (3:30am)
      And I notice that the N100 = N500 is around 500mb instead of 1gb. I recharged N200 and got bonus of N1000 and I set my data metre then I noticed that each 100mb consumed on PC about N100+ will be deducted from my N1000 bonus. but still ok for me.

      Thanks Prof for info

  9. That's grest if it will work. Am still enjoying my glo 10 gig . Meanwhile No need of imie tweaking for glo bb subscriptions since u can now buy glo 6gig for 2k.

  10. Prof, did as u said just now I didt make call went straight to my pc to start browsing it went 4 some time n stp working at 9.01mb…notin gong tru now..then I received an sms from mtn saying..your last session was 50000.00kb total cost of last session was 500 n new bal is 100.00…checked my bal now.0.00naria…what did I do wrong??

  11. Hello Prof
    i tweaked my andriod phone imei bak den to use glo 3gb-#1k
    & i av 124mb balance atm.
    I recharged #2.5k today to get 10 gb but i keep getting
    "Dear Customer, You already have a Data plan yet to be activated
    please connect before you can buy another new plan"
    I have sent "CANCEL" to 777 yet still get the same message.

    Any solution??
    Must i exhaust the 124mb before i can subscribe?
    i 4 download but i dey fear make dem no zap my #2.5k

    • THe question is, did you 124MB that you have, is it a blackberry bb data plan? If yes, then you are not suppose to exhaust it before you activate a normal plan. But if no, then you are to exhaust your 124MB before you sub for another plan.

      check your normal data balance to be sure you don't have any active normal subscription(not bb plan oo)

  12. Hey prof. Pls am really in need of help. My phone got bricked and I now d custom rom to revive it. Pls d phone is tecno phantom z mini. Pls kindly help me

  13. Oga Yomi! Please is this info still valid as some say it has been blocked? Don't want to go stress for another MTN sim for nothing.


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