Blackberry Hub+ Now Available for Android

Despite the
fact that you just switched from Blackberry 10 to Android or iOS, Blackberry
still loves you. They’ve just announced the launch of their  BlackBerry Hub+ suite of Android apps, which
will be made available with a new software licensing program for mobile

According to
Blackberry, … we’re bringing the super productivity suite known as BlackBerry
Hub+ from BlackBerry 10 to, not just PRIV  or our coming DTEK50
smartphone, but ALL Android M(arshmallow) smartphones.
Hub+ for Android is a new suite of apps that should be familiar to any
BlackBerry 10 user. It helps centralize all of 
your communications into a single, unified interface. The BlackBerry Hub
inbox is included in this app bundle, which also includes a calendar, password
keeper, contacts. notes, a launcher and more.
For now, it
is available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow… It will be available for Android
Lollipop and iOS devices later in the future.

Where Can I
Download it?
You can
download a free trial of Android Hub for Android from Google Play. After a
30-day trial, you can continue using the apps for free with an ad-based
experience, or subscribe to the entire suite of apps for 99 cents  a month,
which will include additional features: contacts, tasks, device search, notes
and launcher.
Download it here
More to come…
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6 thoughts on “Blackberry Hub+ Now Available for Android”

  1. Wrong trend…good morning Mr Yomi I misplaced my android phone but the phone is still ringing anytime I try it have tried android device manager to located it couldt locate the phone I don't know if you have any other option for me…thanks

    • Since you didn't activate Find my phone features on your Android, you can't locate it via that medium. Just take your time, look for it and I'm sure you'll find it.

    • Even if he enable find my phone, and the phone is showing up on map, what can he do ?
      Remember the phone will soon be restore/format
      My brother take heart and buy another anytime the phone saying switch off


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