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Must-Have Furniture For Any Office

Whether you are starting an office from scratch or redecorating an old
one, furniture is one of the key components of a modern office. The type of
furniture you choose impacts not only the

appearance of the rooms, but also the
productivity and work satisfaction of the employees. Find out which furniture
pieces a modern office can’t do without and buy your new office furniture on
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The reception area is the first thing in your office any visitor sees,
which is why it should be designed and furnished with finesse and comfort in
mind. The first thing to get is a large inviting desk for the receptionist to
work in; it should be big enough to store all necessary files and essential
office equipment like printers and photocopying machines. As for the visitor
area, a set of separate armchairs or a 2 and 3-seater lounge is your best
Since more
and more offices today embrace the open space layout, you can find lightweight
and compact furniture that can easily fit into any area – mainly desks and
chairs. Another popular way of organizing workstations is to employ the
cafe-type planning, where up to 8 employees sit in a row and work on a single
long table – in that case you’ll need the table and ergonomic chairs where
workers can comfortably sit for hours.
boardroom is traditionally the place in an office where the most major events
happen, lucrative deals are signed, and important decisions are made. That is
why it makes sense to fill your boardroom with executive-level furniture. At
the very minimum you’ll need a heavy wooden table and a set of leather chairs.
Although round and oval tables are used to be featured in every respectable
office not long ago, now you can choose a more practical rectangular one.
Lounge area
If you
want your workers to get maximum satisfaction from their work day and deliver
great results, it’s essential to organize a lounge area where they can unwind
and give their minds and bodies some rest. Ideally, a lounge zone in an office
consists of several comfortable sofas, a fridge containing snacks and drinks, a
kettle and a coffee machine, a drawing board for writing down unexpected ideas,
and some fun gadgets like a gaming console with a pair of virtual reality
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