How to Use X-Pen on Infinix Note 4 Pro

This post is handy for those who are new to use of X-Pen on Infinix or perhaps you are planning on getting the Infinix Note 4 pro. Here is
a simple tutorial on how to use the X-pen effectively and judiciously.

1. Charge
 Open the smartphone
Note 4 Pro and insert the XPen into the holster. The XPen will be full of
electricity in 17 seconds and last 30 minutes.

2. Popup the XPen
Memo will be called out if the phone locked   Air command will be called out if the phone
Air command includes Note, Smart select, Memo, Screen write
and Add shortcuts
Note: Give you real experience and amazing effect to drawing
and writing
Smart select: Take screenshot as your preference
Memo: Write down your ideas anytime and anywhere
Screen write: Personalize your screenshot
Add shortcuts: Add more features into air command
3. Shortcuts  
Unlock the phone, get close to the screen.   Press the button once to quickly call out
the air command   Press the button twice
to quickly call out Memo
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22 thoughts on “How to Use X-Pen on Infinix Note 4 Pro”

  1. very educative post for the Note 4 pro users. I'm using note 4 but not the pro version. Good work Yomiprof. Been a full-time visitor of your blog since the time of simpleserver and MTN BIS lol

    • Hello Nards,
      Do you mean your x-pen is not charging? if its not working, is it fully charged?
      Report of Xpen not functioning or charging can be emanate from Smart Porch Charging port connection to Xpen or Dirty blocking Charging Port :
      Dust or Dirty can affect terminal Charging connection to attach or plugged devices ( Xpen )

      Fix: 1. Clean Three Charging Ports with a dry tissue or cotton.
      2. Check if Ports is aligned, if you notice any mismatch of port alignment Note : An incomplete Disconnection : and Xpen will not charge.
      3. Replace Smart Cover.

      Fix 2: Carry out Similar diagnostic process in Note 4 Pro, clean charging ports.

      Fix 3: After carrying out mentioned guides insert Xpen and charge for 20sec take note of Xpen Connector Icon indicating Xpen connection to Smart Cover.

      Fix 3: Check Xpen Port clean with a dry clean tissue paper or cotton.

      Note : If Above Methods Failed… Replace Xpen or Smart Cover.

  2. Hello Yomi Prof:
    My phone is Infinix Note4 Pro (x572)…….I changed the screen after it was cracked…..then the xpen stopped working which means the xpen features appear on the screen but the screen did not sense the pen. how can I fix it? Thanks!


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