How to Turn Off Last Seen Feature on Instagram

This past week, Instagram added a new feature that allows
users to find out when their friends or family last signed on to the app. This
will allow you to keep tabs on people you follow or have sent messages to in
the past.

 This new service is
activated by default; meaning without your prior knowledge, all of your
connections on Instagram can now see the last time you opened the app.
This feature is already present on WhatsApp and Facebook and
now we have it on Instagram. If you don’t want your followers, or family members
to know when last you logged in, you can disable the feature.
Note: Once you disable the Activity Status feature, your
friends and family won’t be able to track your instagram usage and you too won’t
be able to track theirs.
How to Disable Instagram Activity Status Feature
>>Click on your Profile Tab
>>Hit the gear icon next to EDIT Profile
how to turn off instagram last seen
>>Scroll down to Settings
and toggle the switch next to Show Activity Status.
This will turn the feature off and allow you to browse in peace as often as you
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