Shocking! Glo lost 1.7 Million Customers Within 4 Weeks

The battle for the internet market share in Nigeria is intense even as each telco struggles to claim the lion share of the Nigerian internet population.

Competition is now stiff, data prices are now gradually falling… but we can’t deny the fact that data still deplete faster without any reasonable explanation.

According to the latest industry statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for November 2019, MTN gained the highest share of Internet subscribers with 850,285 subscribers, Airtel, 307,070, while Visafone rounds up the gainers’ table with 7,939.

On the flip side of the table, same month, the self-righteous grandmasters of data, Glo shockingly lost 1.7 million subscribers with the only other losers, 9mobile, shedding 210,374.

Glo lost

Glo users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the relatively cheap data plans which can be traceable to the sluggishness of the network. Most Glo subscribers believe that data plans last longer on the Glo network because the network is extremely slow.

Some users affirmed that its relative sluggishness lets the data “last longer”. At least 1GB data on the Glo network will last you for 3 weeks, depending on your location.

Judging by the massive loss, it may seem that more subscribers are valuing the speed and quality available on other networks to the quantity of data. The only complaints here are fast draining data bundles that “defy reasonable explanation”.

Likely as a result of Glo’s shocking loss, the number of Internet subscribers reduced by about 716,846 between October and November, as gains made by MTN, Airtel, and Visafone could not make up for this loss.

In the year 2019, MTN gained the highest share of Internet subscribers with over 7.08 million, closely followed by Airtel 3.46 million, and Visafone, 26,290 subscribers. Glo, on the other hand, has lost 276,671 while 9mobile records the heaviest loss at 1.74 million subscribers.

It is somewhat telling that by October 2019, Glo had gained 1.3 million subscribers, but what it lost in one month (1.7 million), was not far away from what 9mobile lost (~1.74 million) for the entire 11-month period.

This explains the reasons why some of you have been surfing with your Glo line free of charge before it recently stopped working on Yakata. Glo lost customers, and are striving to gain more data customers by all cost.

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9 thoughts on “Shocking! Glo lost 1.7 Million Customers Within 4 Weeks”

    • I hardly ever comment , but i have to cut in here with all due respect Sir, you’re just being plain unreasonable.

      i personally have used Glo for a while so have hundreds of people i personally know and millions of Nigerians have also

      if 95% of 1 million people are complaining of a thing , it is not being biased it is a fact the remaining 5% are the exceptions and minority….

      Glo is stupidly and unacceptable slow and poor for a anybody that takes their business seriously , its being going on for years almost stretching to a decade (2013-2015) when i used glo it was slow, more than 5 years later its the same thing. i bought a 4G glo sim 4 yrs later (2019) still useless

      That is unacceptable. Plain and Simple!

      i sincerely hope they lose more customers till they sit up

  1. I hope they check the downward slide.
    And then…YomiProf… The aggressive nature of ads on your blog lately, I don’t know which one is ads or posts again.


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