Smile Mobile Promised to Change 9Mobile Within 3months if Allowed

You’ll recall that few days ago, Smile mobile urged a review
of the acquisition of 9mobile, faulted the process in which Barclays Africa
announced Teleology Holdings as the preferred bidder therefore calling for process
review to ensure transparency.

However, Smile Telecom has expressed its readiness to
reposition 9Mobile within 90 days if it was allowed to acquire the enchanted troubled
firm. Speaking in Lagos, the Executive Director of Smile Telecom said 9Mobile
deserved the best and should be sold to an existing telecoms company with the
right technical expertise and financial strength to turn it around for the
highly competitive market within a few months.
According to Smile Telecom, The first value is that we are Nigerian company already existing in
the Nigerian telecoms space. So, we will come up with our existing assets to
boost the 9Mobile operations. We will seek the Nigerian Communications
Commission (NCC’s) permission to flip our existing 800MHz frequency to 9Mobile
to enhance its operations. What we are bringing to 9Mobile is huge.
The second value that
we will bring to 9Mobile is the monetary value. We will bring in fresh millions
of dollars from foreign financing outside Nigeria, into 9Mobile to pay off its
indebtedness to the banks and also pay off any other group that the company is
indebted to and we will still have enough to invest in 9Mobile and make it
However, Barclays Africa promised to “be in touch with Smile
to discuss any updates on the transaction, to the extent considered necessary.”
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  1. Y EYE Smile still dey make mouth why they no go borrow and make there network as big as 9mobile if smile take over they can't offer anything because the small network they have now can't not offer anything so if th ey take over 9mobile they can't offer NETHER


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