MultiChoice DStv Contemplating Pay-as-you-consume Option

I know that the competition is not yet strong that is why MultiChoice Dstv is seriously contemplating whether to adopt Pay As You Consume payment option.

If not for the facts that TSTV is sleeping, lot of people haven’t gotten the Sassy decoder and yet they are already marketing dexterity decoder. Pay-As-You-Consume TV service, on TSTV would have been the best because a lot of people might likely dump MultiChoice Dstv sorry ass.

MultiChoice Dstv

MultiChoice Nigeria, operators of DStv said it may consider the so-called Pay-As-You-Consume payment option in the future if its business model and available technology would enable it.

The proposed pay-as-you-consume pricing scheme would charge users according to their effective resource consumption excluding interference.

According to MultiChoice, the company currently allows subscribers to suspend their subscriptions twice a year in case they are not of Africa.

How many channels do you even watch on DStv in 30days and how much do you pay for subscription? Is it worth it?


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21 thoughts on “MultiChoice DStv Contemplating Pay-as-you-consume Option”

  1. Pay-as-you-consume is the way to go.. Flag off the campaign. Enough cheating.. Where is consumer protection right ooo?

  2. Pay as you go by multi choice will definitely be as expensive as calling on mtn network in the early 2000. As for me, apart from sport channels I don’t see myself watching any other station.

  3. I just wish there’s a decoder that has much channels and then give an option to select and add only ur preferred Channels.

  4. This would be nice. But tstv should sit up and deliver what they promised. I want to use a Nigerian product and by the way its cheaper


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