How to be Eligible for Airtel 4.2GB for N200, 23GB for N1000


I saw this through the comment section and I decided to post it here perhaps it might be helpful to someone.

We are all aware that Airtel is currently dishing out 4.2GB for N200 but not all users are qualified. Try the guide below as posted by a user and do let us know if it work out for you.

How to be Eligible for Airtel 4.2GB for N200

>>Migrate to Airtel Trybe by dialing *312# and Select 1

>>You’ll receive a confirmation message welcoming you to Airtel Trybe

>>After which you should send GET to 141 via SMS.

You should receive a congratulation message, if not then you are not qualified.

Airtel 4.2GB for N200

Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS when you buy data bundle of N500 and above

>>Load Airtel recharge of N200 by dialing *143*pin#

You’ll be credited with 4.5GB immediately.

To check your data balance, dial *223#

I’ve tried it and the procedure works out well… so if you are not qualified, kindly try it out and give us feedback.

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45 thoughts on “How to be Eligible for Airtel 4.2GB for N200, 23GB for N1000”

  1. i have 3 sims, two on trybe already for long, so i tried sending d text, it did nt work for the first trybe sim which is my second airtel regular sim but worked for d other trybe sim which i have not used for long o, didnt work for the other sim which is on smart connect


      ? Migrate to AIRTEL Smart Value.

      ?Change the airtel Sim port from the one you have been using before.I.e: if you have been trying the AIRTEL on SIM2 BEFORE ,CHANGE IT TO SIM 1.IF IT IS SIM 1 THAT YIU RE USING BEFORE CHANGE IT TO SIM 2.

      ?Type *143*card pins# but don’t dial it. Minimise it then go back to message and send MIFI to 141 secondly ,then send GET to 141.
      Go back and dial the AIRTEL the credit u typed.(ignore the messages they send you)

      ?You will get a message that you have been given 250mb.. Calm, dial *223# or *140#.

      You will see your 4.6gb, 250mb, 200mb waiting for you..


      Tested and working perfectly for me and my Friends..
      Code to Migrate to Smart Value.

      ?Dial *

      Select 5.

      Select 5 again..

      That’s all

  2. Thanks prof, it worked for me… In fact they are not even deducting my data sef and no data nor airtime on my sim cos i dont use the sim..

  3. Thank prof. I migrated to the trybe plan and after sending the message to 141 I got a welcome message but unfortunately I couldn’t get recharge card yesterday night. I repeat the message dis morning and I got a message that am not eligible anymore.

  4. I think it’s only 200mb they give now. It worked for me before but I just subscribed now and got only 200mb. Can we get an update on this? Thanks.


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