Glo 5.2 GB for N100, Airtel 4.6GB for N200 & MTN mPulse – Make your choice


At the moment, you should have more than one option on the cheapest data trending ranging from mPulse to Airtel and glo Jollific8.

Airtel 4.6GB for N200 seems to work for most people while some sim are barren. We’ve posted the guideline you should follow to be eligible for Airtel 4.6GB and it really works for most people.

Airtel 4.6GB for N200

However, for those who are still finding it difficult to activate the Airtel 4.6GB, you can simply try the guide below;

Migrate to Airtel Smart Value by dialing *314#

>>Change your Airte Sim Port: If you’ve been trying it on SIM 2 before, change it to SIM 1 or use another phone or MiFi.

>>Send GET to 141

>>Dial *143*pin# to load your N200 recharge

>>You’ll get a message that you’ve been given 250MB. Just dial *223# or *140# and you’ll see your original balance of 4.6GB.

This method works… You can give it a shot or Just look for your Glo Sim and enjoy Jollific8 data of 5.2GB for N100.

It has been posted before and this is just a reminder that Glo Jollific8 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200 is still working.

Check out the procedures on how to activate it here. Don’t forget to grab a cup of juice and chill while watching “Dare Devil” season 3.

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44 thoughts on “Glo 5.2 GB for N100, Airtel 4.6GB for N200 & MTN mPulse – Make your choice”

  1. Airtel works well… Glo on the order hand trips and disconnect every second. It’s annoying. But Airtel is a sure thing, I’m on my second 4.6G in one week. What’s the validity period of the Airtel please?

  2. Apart from the fact that glo network disconnect intermittently,glo has drastically reduced the amount of data given out, as for Airtel, unfortunately I was not eligible even after implementing the trybe alternative.

  3. Am afraid airtel may block that stuff anytime, So don’t miss it , 23gig for just 1k. Even ntel don’t giv such. Glo 5.2gb is like scam. the data will frustrate u.

  4. I’m still on my MPulse o… and from the looks of things, the way you guys are into airtel and glo, I seem to be missing out big time

  5. I still get it yesterday, what i suspected on my side is that whenever i used a card that I scratched off to load the card, i won’t receive the mb, i decided to opt for a card that I don’t have to scratch yesterday and it work out fine for me, please can i accumulate up to 46gb which is 2k card

  6. Most, if not all the things posted here are false and not real. Is this platform, a ploy by TELECOM providers to trick subscribers into actually opting for their useless internet packages that can’t last up to a second. Tried this 1st Airtel Trick and didn’t get what was stated here, and curiously tried this present one yet nothing. If not for my N1500 data plan, i wouldn’t be able to do important things. I have always wanted to state this observation for some time now, but noticed that those confirming that it works might actually be from the same click or dummy accounts because when vital questions are thrown to the ADMIN they ignore them. Stop spreading fake and deceptive information.

    • Mr Obi, your observation is quite wrong…. I mostly surf as an anonymous reader but I must say the tricks do work. The tricks mostly don’t work on all sims. Case in point, the glo one didn’t work for me but the airtel one is what I am using to reply you. I advise you don’t generalize your opinion but state your personal observation and probably ask for help.


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