Glo Get 1.7million New Subscribers in 1month

The largest subscriber growth has been credited to the digital transformation leader, Globacom, among telecommunications operators in Nigeria for the month of November, 2018.

According to the latest figures released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Globacom recorded an increase of 1,691,133 customers within the space of one month.

glo new subscribers

This has taken the total subscriber strength of the operator to 43,273,188 subscribers, which constitutes 26 per cent share of the market. Globacom had 41,582,055 subscribers in the month of October.

The report explained that Globacom gained 1,691,133 subscribers in November, 2018, with MTN grossing 1,323,282 and Airtel 849,173 new subscribers. On the other hand, 9mobile failed to garner new subscribers during the month under review.

Within the last few months, the company endeared itself to subscribers by rolling out customer-friendly products and services such as OgaSIM, which offers 125% data bonuses, Glo Yakata which rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their glo line and glo 1.2Gb for N200.


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25 thoughts on “Glo Get 1.7million New Subscribers in 1month”

  1. Duly deserved position, Glo have done remarkably well in the last few months..
    I wonder who are those heads behind 9 mobile marketing team for they’ve done nothing reasonable.

  2. Glo dey always dash SIM…. I have a 5 glo Sims and again their 1.2gig for 200 gained them enough customer since mtn as decided to be unfortunate, Airtel na for night sub

  3. When the beauty of a girl is beautiful, the standing mirror becomes a witness. The truth is truthful. I watch YouTube videos everyday as if I am inside Silverbird cinema. This is the power of glo Oga sim. Yes, they have issues about their slow network which can be frustrating. But no network gives huge data like Glo
    9mobile is nothing to write about when it comes to data and voice. I had to stop loading my 9mobile line, because all they could give me is free SMS (9mobile to 9mobile for that matter). While I use my glo sim to call all networks
    Mtn is another evil network. Anything free they give to you, they take it back in quantum.
    As for Ntel, they could have done better if not they have a particular tribe managing the affairs of the company. They give 12GB for 1K. The poor management of Ntel, despite they are only operating in just three States have killed the network. A truly a poor management affairs.

    Yomi, I’m I not saying the truth?

  4. I don’t trust glo. That network can disappoint u anytime. When u want to reply important message, the network will just disappear. The new subscribers are just for cheap data and may dump the sim anytime.

  5. Yeah I think they’ve improved on their service, it’s not frustrating as before in some areas so it’s well deserved..


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