Delete These Malicious Android Apps Right Now

The Google Play store is full of malicious Android apps that have even been downloaded in the millions and Google is to blame for not screening these apps enough.

These sketchy apps have been committing ad-fraud amidst taking advantage of user permissions. These apps have been collecting user data and sending it to China but failing to inform users why they are doing this.

Google plays apps

Most of these apps were developed by Do Global, a Chinese app developer that claims more than 800 million monthly active users on its platforms.

According to what buzzfeed reported, At least six of DO Global’s apps, which together have more than 90 million downloads from the Google Play store, have been fraudulently clicking on ads to generate revenue… and at least two of them contain code that could be used to engage in a different form of ad fraud, according to findings.

The apps includes; Selfie Camera, AIO Flashlight, Omni Cleaner, Total Cleaner, Smart Cooler, Samsung TV Remote Control, Emoji Flashlight, WaWaYaYa app and RAM Master.

Samsung TV remote app records your conversations using the microphone on your device and then send it to China without encryption.

These malicious apps listed above have been collecting your data secretly, serving you ads and then sending your info to a server in china, and your data are being sold out to government agencies or malicious third parties.

How to Protect Yourself from  Downloading Malicious Apps

Before Downloading

  • Use trustworthy app stores
  • Take heed of the reviews the app has
  • Check the star ratings the app has gotten
  • Run away from apps that are wildly overly-permissioned
  • Verify if its the real app

After Downloading

  • Stay away from apps that ask for additional unnecessary permissions
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