Best Daily Data Plans This Holiday Period

This is Holiday period and I’m sure there are stuffs to download, movies to stream, music to listen to and eviction shows to watch.

You’ll definitely be needing something cheap to surf the net with and that is why in the spirit of Eid el Kabr, we’ve compile a recap emergency data plans meant for download only.


You can get 4GB for N500 (New MTN Sim, valid for 2 days), 1GB for N200 (dial *131*65*2#,), 1GB for N350 (*131# validity is 1 day) or 2GB for N500 valid for 2 days.

Airtel NG

Airtel Binge offers Subscribers 2GB for N500 and 1GB for N350 for subscribers who simply have something heavy to download and duration is just 24 hours. The plan works on Android, iPhone, PC and any other internet enabled devices.

For 1GB for N350 dial *141*354# to get the plan

For 2GB for N500 dial *141*504#. Validity is just 24hours (1 day).

Glo Daily Plans

Glo also offers subscribers 1GB for N300 and 2GB for N500.  If Glo network reception is stable in your location, you can simply opt into this plan, make your download and be happy.

Dial *777# follow the prompt and choose special data offer.


Subscribers have always complain that 9mobile data is not user friendly but 9mobile want to proof subscribers wrong by giving them 50% data bonus on MoreBlaze.

Holiday daily data plan

You can get up to 50% bonus on your next data purchase within validity of your current data plan.All you need to do is to renew your current data plans before it expires and you’ll enjoy 50% extra data bonus.

For example; when you renew your 1GB data plan before it expires, you will be given 1.5GB data.

Dial *200*3*1# to begin. Dial *228# to check data balance.

Happy Eid el Kabr to all our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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11 thoughts on “Best Daily Data Plans This Holiday Period”

  1. 9mobile why not 100% like other networks? Who’s the person managing 9mobile company ? I kept dumping 9mobile sims each time I bought it. Ils ne sont pas encore prêts. Ils manquent de trucs d’affaires

  2. 9mobile is nothing to write home about. Their son is so useless to me. Imaging giving me 500mb bonus, but asking me to buy data in order to be able to use the bonus. They are so dumb

  3. The 4gb 500h is worth trying. But they will not give you fast to two round.

    When you need to add they will just 3gb.2gb and 1gb Bonus.


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