MTN Introduces New Charges Using USSD Access to Banking Services

There is about to be a change in the way you perform USSD transactions with your bank, as you’ll now be charged for any USSD activities you perform ranging from dialing USSD code to recharge your line, buy data, or even generating Token for your Prepaid Meter using USSD.

Telecom provider MTN sent subscribers a notification of the impending charges which will take effect from 21st of October 2019.

USSD charges

According to the Message sent by MTN…

Yello, as requested by your bank, from Oct 21, we will start charging you directly for USSD access to banking services. Please contact your bank for more info.

In other words, whatever banking services you’ll be performing using USSD code, you’ll be charged beginning from 21st October 2019. We are not sure if this is peculiar to a bank or to all the banks. But according to a user on Nairaland, who recharged N200 MTN Airtime from UBA using USSD code, he claimed to be charged N48.

Another user too claimed that Zenith bank charges him N15, just to check his account balance using USSD code.

How to Avoid This Charges

Use your banking app or third party applications to recharge or buy data. Like Jumia One app, Rubies etc. With this, you won’t be charge separately.

Let us know if you received the message or you’ve already started experiencing strange charges.

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12 thoughts on “MTN Introduces New Charges Using USSD Access to Banking Services”

  1. Am not a fan of USSD i always make use of bank app
    and if they want to introduce charges for bank app i will run to Opay


  2. 1. VAT on an increase.
    2. Toll gate is coming back.
    3. Charges on cash deposit & withdrawal has been implemented.
    5. N50 stamp duty on PoS transaction over 1k.
    6. Payment for the renewal of National ID card.
    7. USSD charge for banking services.
    Which way Nigeria?

  3. Yello, Please note that from Oct 21, we will charge N4 per 20 seconds for USSD access to banking services. Thank you.

    That is the latest message from MTN Nigeria.

    Mobile Banking apps should be used to avoid unnecessary charges in the meantime..

  4. This is very bad. Poor masses always at the receiving end. Why the introduction of charges. Thank God that fg has done something abt it. Each time there is increase in salary of worker everybody wants to share on it. Nigeria na waooooo


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