WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: Protect Backup

The popular chat messenger, WhatsApp with millions of users is constantly working hard to provide new updates to its users.

At the moment, the company is working on a new feature called The Protect Backup. WhatsApp is now focusing on security features, like the possibility to protect your backup hosted on Google Drive!

The feature is in an alpha stage of development, so what we’re showing now is very poor but it’s enough to understand what its purpose is.

Protect Backup

The feature will allow users to encrypt their backup with a password, so you’re sure that nobody (neither Wha tsApp nor Google) will be able to see its content. What I’m not sure about is if users will be able to restore their chat history back up if they lose their password used to encrypt the database.

We don’t know when this feature will be rolled out but we’ll definitely keep you updated on it.


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  1. They have not think about adding . “Message edit“ on Facebook when u make mistake u can edit ur comment. But on whatsapp u can only delete. And that’s not normal.


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