Free Droid Premium Server Without Emulator

To those who are still finding it difficult to use the droidpremium server for free or missed any of the steps i shared here, because of one thing or the other, this should work out for you.
Download Droid vpn
version 1.8.4b here or here to your Android phone, it works unlimited
using UDP 500 or ICMP. You don’t  need any
terminal emulator for this to work at all. Install and choose USA server then
connect and surf as a champion user.

If you still have issues with it, clear your cache data from
the previous droid version installed and try the process again.
How Can I Connect Droid Premium Server On PC
To connect it  on your
PC, just download wireless tether from Google play store  or  download clockworkmod tether; both work just
fine. Connect via your hotspot to your PC and other device. Remember that this
only work on rooted android phones. So if your Android is not rooted, do something about it.  
Remember if you are going to download with it, subscribe for MTN bbcday  which goes for #100 and watch the
wonders of the unlimited premium servers.
How Can I Subcribe for Mtn BBCday
Just send  BBCDAY to
21600 and enjoy gigabytes download once it’s active.
Feel free to ask me your questions guys.


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14 thoughts on “Free Droid Premium Server Without Emulator”

  1. Hi, i need to root this android mobile SAMSUNG GALAXY STAR S5282. U can mail me as deeprince2020(at), i mean the process in rooting it. Also, i won't mind if i can get any browing trick or tweak for mobile or p.c. Thanks for been helping us. Since i found this blog, i haven't missed a day without checking for new update. More power to your elbow prof. I wanna start blogging, i have interest in it, help me on how to go about it.

  2. @Anonymous16 September 2013 11:27, I have mailed the step by step guide on how to root your Samsung Galaxy star. Please follow the link carefully and don't miss any steps.

    Mtn 25mb tricks is still rocking hard on PC bro. Blogging is very interesting when you know what to blog about. Am going to mail you step by step guide on how to start. Next time, don't post your email here because of scammers; send it directly to me via the comment box.

  3. Hi Yomi, I enjoyed this post like always. IT's working brilliantly for me.

    However, wireless tether and clockwokmod didn't work on my rooted galaxy s2. So i did some seraches and discovered TETHER UNLOCKER.

    I downloaded tether unlocker from playstore, clicked unlock then SETTINGS>MORE>TETHERING AND PORTABLE HOTSPOT>PORTABLE WIFI HOTSPOT and BOOM! My unrestricted (free premium) droidvpn connection was available on my laptop.

    I hope other people will find this useful.


  4. @Ojeifo Williams, this one will work on you tab 3. Did you try it? Or what error message are you receiving?

    @Vernal Sage, You rock wella. Thanks for this update. So many people will equally benefit from it man.

    @Onuoha Chijundu,
    Yes, i have come accross such. Let me check it out and get back to you about it.

  5. @Gideon, if you install another this afresh, register with a new account.

    @Anonymous18 September 2013 10:02,
    Yes, your phone must be rooted to use this droid free premium server.

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