Ebola App Now Available For Download

It baffles me a lot in such a time like this that most
people are still not conscious of the so called, life sapping Ebola virus as
don’t care about body contact. I dislike it when you sweat near me; I dislike
it when I greet you and you stretch you hand to shake me; don’t even think it because by the time you attempt to have body contact with me, I’ll be in Android Market. Wisdom is profitable
to direct.

While ransacking Google play store this evening, I came across
an educative app about this deadly virus of a thing. It is a unique app because
it helps to sensitize the people on how to avoid it, preventive measures and all
you need to know about the virus.
So long you are using an Android phone, I’ll advice you
download this app… let’s help prevent the spread. Fear of Ebola kills faster
than even ebola.
Where Can I Download it?
Download it here
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