Unable To Change Your Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI? Fix It Here

I must just confess that Glo BIS has been my all-time unique
data savior for all most all my devices because I can’t really tell if it is
normal data I am using or Blackberry data. However I feel the pain of all those
individuals who has tried all they could to change their Android IMEI to blackberry, but still are found in the state of no
solution. Don’t hate your device, but change the process and you’ll get a new

In the word of the wise, You cannot be doing the same thing
over and over again and expect to get a different result
. So this morning, I
really want to help you fix this issue of imei change once and for all as many
people as possible.
Android is sweet, when data is not zapping; Android is like
bitter cola when 3GB doesn’t last you upto 1 week. So this morning, lets use
the carrot and stick approach to deal with every IMEI change problem. If you
are having problem or difficulty changing your Android IMEI to blackberry IMEI,
please comment below with your type of smartphone, model and a reasonable
solution will be proffered.
Remember, don’t hate your Android device, just change your
approach and you won’t suffer data zapping reproach. Let the comment begins.
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263 thoughts on “Unable To Change Your Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI? Fix It Here”

  1. I use MTN sm@rt S720i,its rooted by all effort to get an imei for it is fruitless.Although I doubt d 2nd sim slot to be 3g but it will still be a relieve if I can still taste glo BIS on my android.If there is possibility of changing d 2nd sim slot to 3g,I wouldn't mind that and also if d 1st sim slot can also be changed to use any sim-it will be a welcome idea.Thanks.

    • The second sim slot comes by default with EDGE network and cannot be changed to 3G. There is a possiblity of changing the second sim imei to use Glo BIS using two methods.
      First, You can use octupus box to tweak your imei but it is not easily gotten except if you go to computer village, those guys that repears phone, just tell them that you want to change your imei and it will be done for you charging you 1k. Or better still, you can contact Excel on this.

      Secondly, You can change your S720i imei with MTKDroid tool.
      Follow the steps here

      Please if you encounter any problem in the cause of changing your imei, kindly let me know so that help can be proffered.

    • Don't mind them, tweak your imei again, they are trying to block it but they can't because they've already sign a deal with those smartphone dealers. Just generate your imei again and keep on flexing.

      Blackberry imei has been sent to your mail.

    • Hello Lawal, the only solution to your own device is an Octupus box. To easily get this done, go to any computer village and request to fix your IMEI. Please before you do this, back up your device. Its very important you back up.

    • Hello Scot,
      I want to believe your samsung galaxy s4 is not an mtk clone device therefore falls within the range of Qualcomm. Mobile Uncle, Engineering mode, Mtk droid tool or EMulator won't work for your device. Though I don't know where you are residing but you can easily change your imei with ease. Just walk in to any computer village around you, where they fix Samsung devices. Tell them you want to change your imei, they will charge you 1k for the services.

      The reason why this octupus box is somehow scarse is because its not too common except with those who repairs and fix imei. The normal price for the octupus box ranges between #100,000 to #120,000; so getting it for personal use seems useless to me except you want to use it for business.

  2. dis is what I have been waiting for… prof yomi in my tecno P3 sim 1 is not work it tell me sim is missing or error… d causes of d problem is mobile uncle pls how do I fix it?

  3. Prof d etisalat infinix imei I tweaked wich gev me 500mb has expired…but u sed it will be renewin for 12month…now dey didn't giv me anoda 500mb dis month

  4. hello Mr Yomi, pls help me on my BlackBerry Q5 android I use glo 3GB for only 3days ooo pls I will lyk my mb should be lasting oooo. pls help me please ( BlackBerry Q5)

    Why I'm sad is so I can't if in update news @ my web

  5. Sir yomi …am using htc one v…is dere no other method of changing the imei…..i dont have data to download sdk tools…i have also tried mobile uncle….

  6. Pls how do I restore all apps moved to my sd card
    If I click them now it says apps not installed.
    I dont want to re-format the card and start downloading afresh.

  7. Oga yomi the htc method that u drop sme months ago on one of ur thread, have tried it so many times and its not working, it keeps given me error result…..and did evrytin exactly as u explain it, ma phone is also rooted…..doroprof pls I knw u might have cme across this issue before, what might be d problem………..

    Yep!!! I almost 4get, may GOD bless u in this "ember" month, and give u mre wisdom in ur business…..claim this short prayer by saying or typing "AMEN" before replying my question above……thanks

    • You don't install 3G… it normally comes with your devices. Go to your network settings, you should see an option to switch to 3G

      Go to your home key and press Menu>>>cLICK ON Settings>>>
      Tap Wireless and network
      Tap Mobile networks
      Tap Network mode
      Tap GSM only to turn off 3G
      Tap WCDMA to turn on 3G

  8. good day sir! PLS WHICH ANDROID
    help me OUT, just new in the sys

  9. Sir I root my tecno p7.I can't change my imei with mtk.and also mtkdroid doesn't prompt up the information of the phone and where to put the imei.pls help me out.

  10. Abeg oo, Prof Yomi. I'm using Sony xperia z. I've rooted it but can't seem to change its imei even after I've followed the procedures in your previous posts 😞

    • Framaroot or root genius will do the Job.

      Download framaroot here

      Install it on ur smartphone, click on SuperSU, choose boromir and ur device will be rooted.

      Once you've successfully rooted it, go to playstore and download engineering mode.apk and use it to change ur imei

  11. Boss..

    Tried to use kingroot & it worked. it shows a green tick to confirm that rooting was successful..

    However, i need direct link on how to use glo bis on my android device..


  12. Mr yomi : did you mean I should change my imei again on the same phone nd sim card used to get 500mb again to get another 500mb for infinix zero? pls I dnt really get this, thanks as I look forward to hearing from u

  13. Mr Yomi thanks a million times for today's asst on generating bb imei & easy guidelines u gives me to change my android imei to bb imei, i must confess u are doing a wonderful job, Almighty God we always rewards u for goods. am really flexing with my glo line now bro. I do much appreciate u, once again thank u. God bless u & God bless ur family. Keeps on a good job kudos my brother. It me "Abdulahi"….

  14. Yomi I changed my imei to BB and I cannot connect to the Internet or download, I bought a monthly Bis I am on mtn network I tried all apns followed your instructions but still I don't get it right.

    • Since you've succeeded in changing your imei, at the moment, It is only Glo Bis that works on Android. Mtn doesn't and Etisalat doesn't. If actually you want to use MTN on it, You can use a tunneling vpn like Troid vpn but the only problem with it is that it is very slow.
      And if you decided to use Glo bis on it, just change your apn to blackberry.net
      no password and username. save and hit theconnect button.

  15. yomi I dey for serious wahala now. I am using galaxy S GT 19000. I tempered mi rom using Odin. I wanted to change the version so dat I can upgrade. I tried it and it failed. Since then mi phone refuse to boot. Wen I ON it. It wil only should two triangle connected together. Pls how do I fix it. How I can get the default rom to restore it back. Note. I didn't do any backup. Pls help…… Mail me @ [email protected]

    • That is why I always emphasis that before you do anything at all on your Android device, always back it up first with CWM. What happened to you is just that the update didn't complete. It is always important you have a back up of your android device.

      Anyway, download and follow the guide on how to run it on your bricked Samsung GT. It is very detailed and therefore, you'll need to follow every bit of intruction carefully.

      Find it below
      Samsung GT 19000 Stock Rom

  16. hello sir Yomi. i use LG OPTIMUS L5 DUAL( LG-E615) . Although dis is not d first or second tym i am making this complain. i hv tried all methods to change the imei number,non worked. Pls any solution.

  17. Oga yomi… i want to ask u dat can i use mtn bb plan on my Tecno F5 without the use of vpnconnect bcus i detect dat if i open d vpnconnect it runs my ba3 down fastly…so i just thing can tweaking blackberry imei work for mtn bbc..Pls i need ur help on dat…

  18. gud morning prof, plz help me with my Tecno A7 smart phone on how to root it and how to change its imei. Cos ve used mtktools and also mobileuncle but the responds it giv is The Command cannot be sent in the User built of d device.
    Plz help me Sir

    • Root it with Framaroot. It won't take you upto 5min to root it.
      Download framaroot framaroot download

      Run and install it on your device.
      Click on SuperSU
      Click on boromir and your device will be rooted. restart your phone and you are good to go.

      Then follow this steps below after rooting on how to change your imei using the mobile uncle method How to change imei

    • First of all download framaroot to root your phone. Once it is downloaded, run it and click on SuperSU
      Click on boromir and it will root ur m3. To back up your android, go to playstore and download cwmROM manager then use it to back up ur device on memory card.
      Mobile uncle method of changing imei will go for your fone

    • Hello Suleman,
      Can you state clearly the network that it select and reject. Have tried other sims network and what error did you get? DM your email let me contact you.

  19. Yomi, I have been having difficulty changing the imei of my LG G3, been battling for days to root and change imei. I just succeeded rooting it but still yet to find solution to change IMEI. Any help will be well appreciated

  20. Oga Yomi, tanx 4 d good work over here, bless u.
    I want u 2 pls help me generate infinix or phantom Z or Nokia X imei s dt i can use to get d etisalat freebies. I tried bt i couldn't get a good imei, pls help me wit as much as u can, my email is [email protected].

    • I'm glad you've successfully change your sim 2 imei… To change your sim1 IMEI, you'll need to have access to octupus box. Or if you are in anyway closer to any computer village, they can easily do this for you.

    • Since you are rooted, kindly use the mobile uncle method to change your imei. But before you do that, make sure you back up your original imei with thesame mobile uncle and save it on your SD card. Go to playstore and download Mobile Uncle tool.

      Don't hesitate to ask questions if you are confuse.

  21. I have being using glo bis for a while now but for the 5days I am unable to browse. It take a long time to connect and if it does, it won't browse. What should I do?

    • Check your connection protocol. Also make sure you are on 3G services or otherwise set it to 3g. Check your balance to know how many data you have left. Any other issue will be traceble to your network error in your location.

    • Hello Friend,
      I have provided step by step guide on how to change your Smart 620i imei with MTKDroid tool here

      Please kindly go through the tutorials carefully and let me know if you succeeded or not.

  22. @yomiproff! concerning the etisalat 500mb + 1.5gb stuff renewer! I renew my 500mb by tweaking 355889060….(phantom F Imel), I try tweaking phantom Z Imel for additional 1.5gb renewer several tym, d respond is U are already a beneficiary, it seems they have block it for renewer bcos I know it work VERY well when tweaking phantom Z Imel for 1.5gb for D FIRST TIME……pls help me with d 1st 8 digit of Imel of additional 1.5gb that work very well for renewer, have try S4, d respond is invalid imel

    • They have not block it but they are trying to block it. They already know that guys are not smiling and so therefore, they don't want to alter the deal they signed with Konga/infinix. But since Jumia is now selling Infinix Zero, and according to them you get free mtn data every month which in turns mean that you can also get free data from mtn using this trick.

  23. Prof Yomi, it's Sire Sommy, they are trying to block it, i think! Cox for the past 6 or 5daus,it takes a very long time to connect! Both for me and other pals living all over the country!

  24. Oga you thanx for d good work, pls am still unable to change my tecno f6 imei, i tried using mobile uncle n engineer mode but keep saying this common is not allowed in user build. Pls help

  25. @proffyomi! how can I get the same infinix zero mb from mtn using d same imel tweaking! which code will I send and which number I my sending it to………MID to 8186 is not working on mtn

  26. mine is htc one x, av tried severally to download d sdk tools, ah jst dnt understand wat that site is always saying.. pls give me the main download link nd the method to change my imie. please i beg of u… thank u.. dis is my email [email protected].

  27. pls prof i want to ask chimera tool works for Nokia lumia, Samsung and BlackBerry phones as listed on their site, I want to ask if it would work for other devices that are not listed on their site like Sony Xperia and Nokia X

    • I can't really say if it will work for Nokia X because as of the time that site was updated, Nokia X wasn't out but any device not listed on their site won't work with Chimera tool. They are the creator of the tool and therefore knows better than we the typical user of the tool.

  28. pls prof i want to ask chimera tool works for Nokia lumia, Samsung and BlackBerry phones as listed on their site, I want to ask if it would work for other devices that are not listed on their site like Sony Xperia and Nokia X

  29. call or whatsapp 07067065877… for mtn 1gb data @ #1200……pay on delivery also supported. ..for those that dont trust d services yet…..

  30. Hello Prof. Please i need your help. I rooted my HTC ONE V and since then my Bluetooth, pictures, and video stopped working and the phone started working slowly.

    Also, i tired to root my infinix zero following the procedure you gave but i always got phone drivers failed to install.
    Please help.

    • First of all I don't know the app you used in rooting it but do the below since you are also experiencing slow motion work on ur device

      Go to setting>>>Apps>>>then clear your apps cache one after the other. (Mind you, after this process some of your apps will return back to default and some even prompt you to log in again like ur facebook, gplaystore etc.)

      Once you've cleared all your apps once and for all, restart your device and allow it to start normally. Your booting and bluetooth should start working.

      1. Slide the Notification panel open,and then tap settings.
      2. If it is off Tap ON/OFF Switch to turn On Bluetooth.
      3. Tap the name of your devices near the top of the screen to make it Visible to other devices and to discover other devices in your phone.
      4. Now start sending some files to any phone. It will ask you to pair if you sending to any new phone. Pair it by using same code generate in your phone and same in other phone.
      5. When you receiving files Tap incoming notification and then Tap accept.
      6. After Successful transfer or received any file you get notifications.

      Secondly, since you've succeeded in rooting your Infinix zero, Use MTKDroid method of changing ur imei. Or did you try the Mobile uncle method? what message did you get if you do?

  31. prof am a first timer, my android version is 4.2.2 and its infinix pls I rooted it with kinguser but I can't change the imel with one terminal E I downloaded but it didn't change can you tell me how best to change it???? thanks

    • Can you please tell me the exact error you got when you tried to change your imei with terminal emulator? However, Mobile Uncle method here

      However, You are highly welcome to this blog and I really hope you get your imei problem fixed.

    • if it is rooted, go to playstore and download engineering mode.apk to change your imei or better still, tell me the exact message you got when you tried mobile uncle.

  32. prof,pls my device is Tecno N7 how do I change my IMEI,I hv tried Emulator and mobile uncle,bt didn't work.
    my name is Tokas.
    pls send me IMEI too. [email protected]
    I ones sent u a mail bt u didn't respond to it.pls help me nw.

  33. Sir Yomi….I use a Tecno p5..I subscribed to d glo blackberry for android stuff and I've not been able to use it at all….please and please kindly add me up on BBM75C12142….I extremely need ur assistance….. please boss…PLEASE…….. thanks much

    • set your apn to blackberry.net. Have you changed your imei? if you haven't change your imei to blackberry imei, it won't work on your phone until you change it.

    • If you don't want to root your device, and you want to change your imei, just go straight to playstore and download engineeringmode.apk… then proceed with every other steps.

  34. Prof, Successfully rooted my Infinix X351 with Vroot but finding it difficult to change d Imei. Have tried both MobileUncle & MTKdrodtools but non seems to work..Pls help

  35. Pls prof help me ve tried all effort to change my tecno h6 Imei but all to no avail, mobile uncle, engineering mode, terminal emulator all is just writing cannot be change in user build and I ve rooted the phone with king root

    • It allow you to use Glo blackberry package since they are way more cheaper than any android plan. Changing your imei simply means that Glo network will see your android phone as a blackberry phone.

  36. Hello prof, I have been having problems changing my tecno H6 IMEI it keep bringing this message each time I put the IMEI "THE DEVICE IS NOT ALLOWED TO SEND THE COMMAND" Please what do I do to solve this

  37. Hello Prof the Genius, please am having difficulty changing the imei of my infinix x/506 Gold because I cant root the phone.. Please how can I root Infinix x506 (2gb & 16gb)

  38. Waddup Buddies, 4 doses who are interested in Changing their INFINIX ZERO X506 16gb-2gb Android Phones IMEI to BlackBerry IMEI & ROOTING their fones, should Halla @ m on Whatsapp: 08030736706. It is tested successfully change Infinix zero x506 to Blackberry IMEI, 100 percent working that is what I am using in post d mgs. After so many trials

  39. pls Prof yomi… I have rooted my phone and tried to change d IMEI no with mobile uncle… it'll write command sent but on reboot my phone d IMEI doesn't change …pls help. I am using tecno H6.. tnks

  40. hello engineer, kindly direct me on how i can change tecno p3 imei. I tried using mobile uncle but i cant access cds. Ive also tried mtk droid tool but cant access imei bar….. my mail is [email protected]

  41. please I use tecnoB3 and I mistakingly wipe my imei number and its simply writing invalid imei, how do I go about the problem

    • If you still have access to the phone, download mobile uncle from playstore>>>install it>>> and swipe tru to engineering mode

      Follow this guide here to repair your imei…

      If you don't have imei, I can generate and send one accross to you.

  42. Hi sir,I have a gionee m3 I used the mobile uncle to tweak my imei to that of BBC which I generated GIPv4 it showed at command send but I checked my imei by dialing *#06# and saw that imei did not change.pls any way out.


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