Having Problem Rooting Your Android? Root it Here

Its weekend again and I’ll love if we can do this one more
time. I know you’ve all gotten some crazy epic device that even you don’t know
how to operate it; its an evidence that you are set to welcome new changes in
the telco’s industry. 

However, this weekend if you’ve had a device that has been
giving you headache to root, and you know within you that you’ve tried and it refuses
to root, kindly use the comment box to drop the device below and guide will be
provided if available.
Note that rooting your device void your Smartphone warranty.
If you don’t know what rooting means, I’ll advice you skip this post and jump
to the next one.
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78 thoughts on “Having Problem Rooting Your Android? Root it Here”

  1. Oga prof, sorry dis not the right channel buh I have problem with my gearbest W1511301434191682 order, since 30th Nov up til now I haven't heard nothing, it's only showin product dispatched…. .. How long more do I have to wait?

  2. help me yomi. after upgrading my infinix hot2 x510 to 5.1 lollipop it refuses to root with kingroot or iroot. and av tried diff methods and still no success. how do I root it? thanks

  3. Hey Prof, thanks for the good works.
    Pls, I'm sorry I have to ask this here:

    Can I have any link to a nice tested custom rom for techno L6? I will need the rom that has scatter files so that I can flash with SP flash tools.

    I will be very grateful.

    Thanks Sir.

    My emal: [email protected]

  4. I have used the latest kingroot, iroot, vroot, srsroot, rootmaster on phone and on PC yet this oukitel k6000 still proves stubborn

    • You have two ways of rooting your Camon C8 its either you use PC with SP flashtool in which you can find the tutorial here

      Or use the laterst version of iroot v3. without pc

    • Sorry Prof, hope you don't mind if i chip in. Hi Nipun, as you are aware some organisations do not allow access through phones with super user permissions, due to issues regarding security. Your best bet is to install a root program called Xposed framework ( check Google / xda site if you are not aware if it.. Then install a module called root cloak, this will mask the superuser binaries and allow you access to those apps that are not root friendly, hope it helps.. That's how i managed to circumvent it on my device..

  5. Sir yomi i please am a very big fan of Gionee fones, i am currently making use of Gionee Elife S5.1… i just updated it to lollipop version, buh i have tried all rooting processes and none worked… i really need ur help sire. I knw u can. tnx

  6. Hello Prof. My friend said there's now a root method for Tecno Phantom 5. No version of Kingroot worked. I've searched your blog but could not find the tutorial. Please, I beg you in the name of God, post a tutorial for rooting Tecno Phantom 5.

  7. pls… I need help rooting my HTC one m8….. I can't do anything when on fast boot because it is written in Chinese so I don't know what to click… because of that I can't unlock the bootloader… pls help…..

  8. ave tried rooting my infinix hot note 2 running android 5.1 lolipop the 2gb ram version but no way, ave tried almost all the kingroot apps ave seen still no progress..,help me out.

  9. Pls prof, I have a samsung galaxy S4 GT-19500. i have tried rooting it with some apps like kingo and the rest and it just gets to 40 percent and stops there. It says 'Rooting failed'.Please help.

  10. Hello Prof… pls am using solo s400 and i have tried rooting it using kinguser ..iroot.. vroot.. framaroot.. srs.. but stil no remedy.. pls help me..

  11. bros abeg i dy try root my nokia x2 with kingoroot and other rooting software but i found out is not instilling superSU so help me please

  12. Prof, pls have tried many rooting app and yet to root my infinix hot 2;;it keeps showing me No Root access, also I upgraded my system software wen I got the notification of 6.0 update , my system is update but is still showing 5.1


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