Update: How to Use Syphon Shield With MTN Bis on Android

This is for all those Android users either rooted or unrooted who are still finding it difficult to use MTN BIS on Android via SS or Psiphon. I know some of you are already enjoying it, but for the benefit of those who are still finding it difficult to use. I’m going to give you a simple configuration and that should work just fine for you.

Note that MTN BIS or BBLited is not unlimited regardless of the software you are using. It is capped and if you are going to download heavy files, it’s recommended you use the daily plan. Hence and straight to the tutorial.

Download the updated Psiphon handler called Sypon Shield here

Open the downloaded syphon shield and configure it as seen below

Tick remove port
Proxy Type: Real host
Proxy Server: web.blackberry.com
Real Proxy type – inject

Real Proxy server:
Port 8080

Hit the save button and choose Tunnel the whole device option. Choose any country of your choice to connect…

Click on the gear icon and use the below configuration on the next window that will open

Tick “connect through an HTTP”
Tick “Use system network setting”
tick use the following settings
Host address, use
Port, use 8080

Go back to your Sypon homepage and hit the connect button. Your MTN BIS should now connect and let your surfing begin.



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38 thoughts on “Update: How to Use Syphon Shield With MTN Bis on Android”

  1. I downloaded it, but it didn't install on my gionee m2. Instead i got dis T]8芆�6樛,c60嫛賹嵄倾f蓖榤冺x�毫� 谯(褼(婒�!殗Q4氱h4姠$�"E蔆4婒擧V灑.}n诊�:Uu頑6呴'滵!梘堔t缬P �

  2. pls how do I know its connected?, cus mine keeps say connecting on my status bar, but it doesnt connect, but I think my phone is just connecting with the added 10mb


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