See Ntel 4G Tariff Plans & Compatible Smartphones Here

who have gotten the sim should be test running this network right about now…
but if you haven’t gotten your own sim, chillax, it will get to you. These are
the details of ntel Tarrif Plans as seen below;

Smart Phone Starter
3 days
Unlimited data,30minutes  voice calls, SMS
Standard Plan
7 days
Unlimited Data,70minutes calls, SMS
Monthly plans
30 days
Unlimited data, 300 minutes calls, SMS

also listed some compatible smartphones that will work with their sim which
Galaxy S6 Edge
Infinix Note 2 (2GB Ram version)
before you start celebrating about it, Fair Usage Policy applies to the above tariff plans. See the Fair Usage Policy here.
this ntel tariff a Yea or Nay for you?
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56 thoughts on “See Ntel 4G Tariff Plans & Compatible Smartphones Here”

  1. Oga prof,
    Help me, I want to buy gionee M5 mini, on checking d pack I discover dat d network is only 2/3G. Not support 4G.but on Ur old post u said it supports 4G am confused?

  2. i use xperia m4 fully lte compatible,but men dis price na rip off,since its capped with fair usage policy,then its not unlimited.
    i said it that its a big scam
    waste of money and time,it wont take long before they fold up.
    una beta stick to spectranet,smile and swift,na dem sure pass for unlimited,not with this stupid bogus prices

    imagine 1k for 3 days,nawa o……..
    den 2k4 for one other words.9600 a month
    den 9k for a month
    and all na fair usage

    God punish them,for dis kind hard time wey money no dey,no light,no fuel,dem dey come with bogus price


    end time 4g

  3. Guys make una relax, why are you worrying on these Ntel plan? We go hack dir server. Since we re able to hack smile, spectranet and swift, then Ntel shouldn't be a problem

  4. Heyllo prof pls we need you to help out on dis. ntel loungh der service here in lagos but we can seem to redeem her reserve sim dey don't seem to hav a mobile service around de city and we don't hav any were to track dem and de so call sim seller around us don't even know about dem. Please prof help us out here.

  5. Did I hear them say na unlimited? When their fair usage policy name 3gb per day. That's just a waste of naira. 3gb daily wen guys the burn 30gb daily like weed¿ make I hear joor!

    Still working on free host IPs on airtel cos na normal steady 3g network cheat sure pass!

  6. Na rubbish be this naa…
    1k for three days??
    When I dey flex bblite 1k one month
    And I thought these guys would come and finish mtn and Co.

    I pronounce them DEAD ON ARRIVAL!


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