What You Need to Know About ntel 4G LTE Data Test Drive

Information is still sketchy on this but the more it comes, the more we
unfold. This is what you need to know bout ntel Data Test-Drive.

 This offer is available to all new
ntel customers, who will each be able to enjoy it for a 3-month duration at the
start of their subscription.

ntel Data Test-Drive will enable customers to use our 4G/LTE-Advanced
network to its full potential, and without having to monitor, or ration, usage.
Customers will be offered the choice of paying a flat fee for one day, three
days, a week or a month and have the entirety of their data usage, without
limit, being inclusive to the price already paid, for their selected validity

Only after an ntel Data Test-Drive, will customers be invited to choose a
tariff plan that suits their ongoing usage. To inform this choice, we will
collate and share detailed daily, weekly and monthly reports of individual

In addition, with ntel, customers will be able to purchase services within
so-called “Bundles.” These will comprise sets of voice-over-LTE and Internet
Access services that are grouped together and sold for a single flat fee, for
fixed duration: from a single day; up to one month. And at prices that represent
the very best value for money in Nigeria’s Telecom market today. Of course, for
those customers who prefer a different approach, we provide a Pay-As-You-Go
option that allows payments and charges to be made on an event-by-event (or
call-by-call) basis

Meanwhile, if you’ve collected your own SIM kindly let us know when and

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  1. All I'm even borthervabout is for them to release where we can buy thebsim. No physical address, no spiritual address, even internet address is absent. The only thing I can see on their site is just the CEO speech.


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