How to Set-up and Use Google Duo Video Calling App

Duo is Google’s latest easiest way of making video calling,
and rather than basing it on your Google account or your email, it’s tied to
your phone number, making it easier for you to chat with the contacts that are
already in your phone. More so, you can invite those who are yet to have it
install on their smartphone.

The app was launched on Google Play and on iOS and the
keyword for Google Duo is Simplicity. The app is easy to use and set up. I’ll
quickly guide you on how to easily set it up as a first time user.
How to Set Up Duo Video Calling
Google Duo from Google Play.
Open Duo
Agree to Google’s Terms and Conditions for the Duo app.
If you’re running Android 6.0 or higher, you’ll have to accept permissions
one-by-one at launch:
Allow Duo to take pictures
and video so that the app (and whoever calls you) can see you.
Allow Duo to record audio
so that the app (and whoever calls you) can hear you.
Allow Duo to access your
contacts so that it can see which of your contacts are on Google Duo and who
you could invite to the service.
Allow Duo to send and view
text messages to that it can send invites to your contacts and so it can see
the verification code you’ll receive in a few steps. 

5. Type in your phone
to use with Google Duo.
Your phone will receive a text message to verify your number. It may
automatically read the verification code or you’ll need to enter it manually.
7. Now your Duo is set.

to Make a Call With Duo?
Tap Video Call.
Select the person you’d like to call from your contacts or type
in the number
you’d like to reach.
Duo will call your contact, making your video visible with Knock Knock.
To end your call, tap the red phone button in the bottom center of your
Google Duo Settings

Go to Google Duo settings by
tapping the three-dot menu in the top-left corner of the app’s main screen and
selecting Settings.

  • If you don’t
    want the people you call to see you before they accept the call, you can slide
    the toggle
    for Knock Knock off.
  • By default, the
    setting to limit mobile data usage is on, knocking down the video quality
    when you’re away from Wi-Fi, so if you want full video quality this is
    where you can enable it.
go ahead and explore the beauty of Duo video calling… TGIF!
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