Lets Talk About Lara… It Pays You 3% Daily Profit (90% Monthly Profit) For Life

Let me present you with this awesome opportunity again and I
know some doubting Thomas will be quick to call it a ponzi scheme but hell No! It is not. Like I said in my previous post that everything is a risk, putting your
money in the bank is a risk, even reading this post right now with your phone
is a risk.

Having one source of income is a risk. Inshort, it is more
dangerous to have one source of income.
Let me go straight to the point, Lara is an investment opportunity
that pays you 3% dialy profit for life (I’m not talking about Aunty Lara that
lives in Ibadan ooo). It is the latest Money Making Machine in town and I don’t
want you to miss it. You’ve too much talked about Naira, let’s concentrate on
making money in dollars.
Lara – is an interactive robot, which is able to work with
your money and pay you 3% of net profit daily. Your investment is active for a
lifetime. Lara`s mission is to make sure that your constant wealth, safety and
financial freedom will help you be able to do whatever you want. Help you live
freely. Based on the highly secure Telegram platform, Lara can be considered as
the most reliable instrument of the passive income ever exist. 
Generating Passive Income
Lara accepts investment from all the users in a marketing of
3% daily profit for the lifetime of the plan. Deposit is not refunded.
Investment amounts start from $15 and include $15 – 50 – 100 – 250 – 500 – 1000
– 2000 – 3000 – 5000 – 10000 – 15000 – 20000 – 30000 – 40000 – 50000
How does it work?
First of all, make sure you have Telegram app installed on
device or download one (Android, iOS or PC)
>>Join and start dialoging with Lara here
How Will Lara Pay Me?
Lara makes use of multiple payment platforms ranging from
Bitcoin, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, but I make use of bitcoin (you can open
a free bitcoin account here)
I have been into it and it pays me daily. Well, it is time
to make your money grow, Chat with lara  and be part of the community of
daily earners. Once you are part of the community, you’ll know more about lara.
You can also visit the official site at https://larawith.me/
Highlight of Larawithme
>> Highly encrypted and secure
>>Quick and convenient sign up system
>>Daily profit of 3% on your investment as low as 15$
>>90% profit on your money in 30%
>>Fastest Withdrawal into your Digital wallet about
>>Multiple payment platforms ranging from Bitcoin,
Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and many more
>>Smooth Lara bot with cool AI (artificial
>>Alerts you when you have any funds in your wallet
>>Schedule withdrawal
Come lets Lara together! Happy Independence Day.
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79 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Lara… It Pays You 3% Daily Profit (90% Monthly Profit) For Life”

  1. I won't lie to you, it's cool, I tried it with $50 dollar and I didn't regret it. Coinr even double my bitcoin 100%. I think the next Billionaires are comming from internet users who are really into investing.

    Thanks prof, still waiting for the day you'll show us your face, atleast even though na passport

  2. Yomi I have calmly read from the website and really I must commend you are a good blogger. I'm willing to invest, but the fact that my MasterCard for Zenithbank can't make foreign payment, how do I pay to invest? I also don't know much of Bitcoin not to talk of having a bitcoin account. I would really appreciate you putting me through so I can invest and await my investment grow.

    • Hello Orebajo,
      You don't need your mastercard or zenith card to invest.

      What you need is a bitcoin free address. Bitcoin is a digitical currency, or call it crypto currency which appreciate. You can use bitcoin to make payment in some online platform.

      To get a free bitcoin address, go to blockchain.info
      sign up and get your address intact. Join the community and you'll find people of like mind who are willing to guide you althrough.

  3. Uncle Yomi, this your aunty lara something get power ooo, which business Aunty Lara is doing with all the money, giving peoples 3% a day and 90$ monthly ?
    Any body trying this, my advice is its better you risk small amount on this Aunty Lara MMM, if you empty your bank account because of Aunty Lara na IBADAN you dey ooo sorry i mean OYO, na still same thing jare no be one person dey govern them ?

    • hello Elvis,
      you can't withdraw your investment…but you can realise your investment in 34 days or less while you'll keep earning 3% of whatever you invest for as long as aunty lara lives

  4. If one start with $15, can one add more money to it later and move to say $1000? Or it's the initial money input one will maintain

  5. Mr. Yomi this means that i have to wait for 33days to get 99% of my money back(i.e 3% x33days) with no interest… Seems to me like giving them the money for investment without returns…. In your knowledge, which is better MMM or Lara?

    And please how can i fund my blockchain bitcoin wallet or where can i buy bitcoin in naira?

    • Tnx for your wonderful info prof.. please help, I've not done online transaction /payment before… I've completed the registration process at naira4dollar.com still can't find my way on how to fund the account and how to move the money to LARA.. please help ASAP

  6. Prosperity is Real, and Poverty is real. Poverty stinks I must confess. If people know the amount of opportunity available on the internet, they'll stop wasting there time working for 30days 8:00am – 6:00PM for one boss who doesn't appreciate your work and yet at the end of the month, you are being paid N60,000.

    I make 10,000 daily on the internet. In a month it is N300,000.

    Guys wake up because the next world billionaire will actually be from the internet. Thanks prof for this opportunity.

  7. I tried paying $50 since morning using Dollar 4 Naira. I have made transfer but still haven't get it in my bitcoin address.. Prof is it that they don't work on Sundays or what do you think

  8. Pls yomi, telegram still. Don't work on my blackberry q10 using the link u gave me. After installation and I. Open, it won't respond. Pls help so I can. Key into this investment on time.

  9. Mr. Yomi, Kindly send me ur direct number or e-mail address. I need to fund my Bitcoin wallet asap and also to make some enquiries. Here's my whatsapp no – 07060931746 n also my gmail [email protected]. Thanx


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