Nokia 9 Polished Blue in its Glory

This image of Nokia 9 is making me fall in love with Nokia
devices because the design alone is absolutely classic. 

This is the blue version of the Nokia 9 leaked by the
reliable source that has earlier posted the sketched image of the upcoming
flagship Nokia 9, revealing its design.
Sketches of Nokia 9, blue color
Nothing has changed so far but the color; the phone has a
dual camera on the back (probably Zeiss-branded), a fingerprint reader, again
on the back, and a curved edge to edge display on the front (likely an OLED).
Other rumor specs includes, 6GB or 8GB of Ram, 128GB of
storage, possibly water proofing, wireless charging and maybe an iris scanner.
For the price, around EUR 749
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18 thoughts on “Nokia 9 Polished Blue in its Glory”

    • Nokia has given the mid range folks value for money now. Look at Nokia 3 5 and 6. They're awesome at their respective prices. This Nokia 9 was made to give iPhone and Galaxy S series' exec's sleepless nights.


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