Sandisk unveils the world smallest USB Flash Drive 1TB

Sandisk is about to unveil the world
smallest USB Flash drive with inbuilt storage of 1TB at CES 2018. Prototype for

Can you imagine what you can do with
1 terabyte USB dongle with a one-terabyte USB-C for your next laptop,
tablet or Android phone? With this, no need for the big slat called external
hard drive again. 
Ces 2018 smallest usb dongle
Though, no word on when it will be available or how much it
will cost for now.
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20 thoughts on “Sandisk unveils the world smallest USB Flash Drive 1TB”

  1. FTC
    I dedicate this comment to my MUM…, and also to my GF; for been the two surely i have on earth.
    Back to the topic…: if i can get dz in Nigeria, i'L be the 1st to order for it.

  2. Nawa to nna oooo. There's alredy bin 1tb flashdrive since wen. Google Kingston 1tb flashdrive & find out. Price as from $600 upwards!!!!!


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