Facebook Launches Bulk app Removal Tool to clean up Your Privacy Settings

If you’ve been on Facebook for a while, chances are you’ve use you’ve tried and abandoned quite a few apps. Facebook apps can be useful and fun, but they also have permission to do all sorts of things with your info.

For the apps you use regularly and trust, that’s not a big problem, but if you’ve got a lot of apps that you tried once and then stopped using or forgot about, that could turn into a problem one day.


The good news is, Facebook now lets you bulk remove third-party apps, and any and all posts those apps may have published on your behalf, a welcome privacy change that should make it easier to strip access to your profile from services you no longer use.


This update is coming few weeks after Facebook was accused of violating user privacy by data privacy scandal linked with data analytics firm Cambridge analytical (CA). The bulk removal tool could make it much easier for users to take control of their data and protect their identity, though the damage to Facebook’s reputation is largely done.


How Can I Bulk Remove Third Party Apps From Facebook?

  1. Go to the Facebook settings if you are on desktop
  2. Click on Apps and you’ll see all the third party apps connected to your Facebook account.
facebook app removal
facebook app removal

3. Click on any number of the apps you’d like to disconnect, and use the remove button at the top of the screen to do so

facebook app removal

4. You’ll also be given a prompt to delete all posts those apps may have posted to your timeline / profile. Hit the delete button and you are good to go.

Facebook app

For Mobile:

>>Click on the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar at the bottom and scrolling down to settings. From there, head to the Apps section.


Facebook further says that it will now remove apps automatically if a user hasn’t accessed them in over three months.

What do you think?


Source: Newsroom via  TC

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15 thoughts on “Facebook Launches Bulk app Removal Tool to clean up Your Privacy Settings

  1. Finally, they’ve come to their senses with making it easy to remove those apps that have access to our data.

    I won’t waste time in removing those apps with the above steps.

  2. Its a nice decision but i felt it would have been better if the apps are left no matter the time while subscribers remove such app themselves..
    Yomiprof, thanks for the airtime

  3. over 10 years of using Facebook and granting skrep apps access to my details. I really need this feature in my life right now

  4. Very good and right response to the public outcry generated by the scandal… Let’s wait and see if it will appease those calling for zuckerberg head.

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