Nigerians Are Likely to Start Paying More For Calls & Data Services

You may likely be paying more for data and calls if Section 24 of cybercrime 2015 Act is implemented.

Data plans and call tariff are already on the high side, and the fear is Telecom Company in Nigeria will have no choice than to increase the price of data and calls.

cybercrime 2015

This is attributable to the recent move by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to implement section 44 of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention etc) 2015 Act (PDF) which spells out the model of financing the National Cyber Security Fund.

Section 44 of the act highlights the establishment of the National Cyber Security Fund which is to be funded by 0.005% levy charged on all electronic transactions and to be domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

ATCON had earlier rejected the 0.05% cyber security levy that the collection of the levy would inevitably lead to a sharp increase in ‘charges paid by customers’ for telecoms services.

He said tariff on voice calls and data cost would certainly go up because the impact of the levy would be passed on to the end user of telecoms services.

If the Cybercrime Prohibition and Prevention Act 2015 are eventually implemented, then you’ll likely be getting 250MB for N1000 to last you for 30 days. While calls may be charged at 1naira/sec,  10MB data plan may now go for N100 to last you for a day.

This is not going to be funny at all on we the subscribers, while the takers of this levy will keep smiling to the bank.

What do you think people?

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27 thoughts on “Nigerians Are Likely to Start Paying More For Calls & Data Services”

  1. Prof is their anyone campaign we can sign to stop this, data is expensive already in Nigeria and they still want to increase it. it’s not fair on us.

  2. In order words, only bigger boys will be able to afford 2GB data and above? This is crazy men. I can’t imagine myself buying 250mb for N1000 that won’t even last me a day. bullshit

  3. instead on focusing on how to fight corruption
    they are here thinking of how to finish poor Nigerians
    Stupid country

  4. cbn imposing tariffs which leads to increase in data cost while ncc is trying to increase broadband penetration to enable more people have access to the internet. How does two government agencies have contradictory policies for one sector.

  5. Cyber crime Fund in one of the leading center of cyber crime activities. Sounds to me more like another ploy to divert hard working nigerians money into politicians fat pockets

  6. I think they are implementing it already. . The Airtel blackberry plan (#1500 for 6gb) that I usually do has been cut to 2.5gb + 1gb for night browsing. . This is really bad

  7. You don’t have to blame anyone for this, APC got in couple of years back via social media and the likes, now they won’t want anyone to use that against them so the best option is to cut off the masses from having access to internet. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would condemn me on this, I care less. Don’t just blame the wrong side on this, if you want to fight crime, it has nothing to do with internet sub at all, CBN implemented BVN already and without that you can’t even get anything done in the bank so track fraudsters down via that. So they believed all fraudsters live in naija? They’re more than wrong, even most of the governors are yahoo boys, believe me, they’re internet fraudsters directly and they have boys scamming for them, they give them salaries.


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